Monday, January 31, 2011

10 miles of Awesomeness

Today was my first day of no work. Friday was my last day and it was just as emotional as I thought it was going to be. Who cries on the last day of their job? This girl does. Well it started with one of my coworkers crying as I said by to her and I'm the type of person that will start crying as soon as someone else starts crying haha. So then I was kinda avoiding my boss's office cause I knew the water works would start as soon as I walked in, and I was right. We were both in her office crying and laughing and reminiscing on the good times. It was a great company to work for and though it had its up and downs like any job, the friendships I made are irreplaceable. I got an awesome photo book though with most everyones pictures in it and they signed it so that was awesome. I also got a 6 pack of Reese's candy bars. Though my coworkers are awesome they are also evil and know my weakness.

Trying not to open it so I don't get tempted to eat them. I wonder who has a birthday coming up so I can re-gift them?
Ok enough about that lets talk running...

I had to do my long run today cause I couldn't yesterday. I decided to run from my home, to the waterfront and back. Which means I had to run down then UP 30th Street Hill aka Satan's Spawn as dubbed by Amanda from 5 Miles Past Empty (I love her blog! Click HERE and follow her if you don't already).

The run started out cold and a bit windy. I wore my Run to Remember shirt and my Portland Finisher long sleeve over it and felt fine when I finally warmed up. I ran down 30th and headed towards the waterfront. It was a cloudy day and I never saw the sun but it was still peaceful to be near the water.

I ran the first 5 miles without music cause I wanted to focus on my breathing and form and just really didn't feel like listening to music at that time. The water sounded nice. I ran towards the end of the waterfront cause I wanted to see the new part they have been building.

It was really pretty and looks like it's going to be awesome once they completely finish it.
Then it was time to head towards 30th. I knew what was coming so I prepared myself by taking off my long sleeve. I knew I would get hot running up it!

Here I go!
My quads were burning and I couldn't control my breathing. I think it was a little too cold cause my lungs were burning too. I stopped 2 times at the cross streets so I could catch my breath but I stopped for less than 5 seconds. Does that still count as running up it? I never walked up at least :)
I got the sh*t scared out of me though cause some garbage truck drivers thought it would be funny to honk their loud horn at me. They stopped to pick up some garbage and one was laughing and said something but I ignored and kept my focus on running up the hill.

I reached the top! Well to the top of the street I need to turn on.
I took my head phones out after I reached the top cause the songs were annoying me and I didn't feel like tracking back to the songs I wanted to hear (Like Whip My Hair)

Overall the run felt great! It had been a while since I did a run over 8 miles so it was nice knowing I could still hit the double digits and feel good.

I think I like this running during the day thing! I usually had to run after 5 pm when I got off work.
And I love my Spibelt. I had some shot bloks and my camera in it and I never felt them or the belt.


  1. way to go! i am totally going to run up that hill one of these days too! hope i don't die :)

  2. Thanks girlie! It's all mental you won't die! Just run up it on a warmer day :)

  3. Ah yes, 30th! I remember how awesome I felt the first time I ran up 30th!! Great job!!!! Love the pics BTW!!

  4. Awesome post hun, and good job attacking 30th street.

  5. COngrats on your 10 and knocking out Satan's spawn!! What is your next race? I'm on the east side of the state!

  6. Thanks everyone!

    @Jess - I'm going to run the Famous Idaho Potato Marathon in Boise on May 14th. I wanted to run a half before that but haven't found one I want to run yet. What's yours? Have you ran any races in the Boise area? I haven't ran any in Idaho so looking for any good recommendations :)

  7. Wow what a hillllll!! good for you!!

  8. haha love the candy bars.. I better not get that regift to me.. since my birthday is next ;)


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