Thursday, January 13, 2011

Don't mind me I'm just coughing up a lung...

I'm alive!! I have been sick since Sunday and finally starting to feel better. I had to leave work early on Tuesday and stayed home on Wed. Was in my pajamas allll day. Only left the house to take Z to school and pick him up.  I started getting my appetite back yesterday too. I had only been eating once a day and that's cause I made myself eat chicken noodle soup to give me a little bit of energy. I tried to run today, but could only manage 3 miles before I thought I was going to cough up my lungs! I'm sure I had some looks from people on the track haha. But it felt good to sweat a little. Good thing I have a 3 day weekend after tomorrow to feel better and get some miles in hopefully!

For now I leave you with these random pictures that have nothing to do with me being sick...

Crawling in the mud is fun! Right?

Isn't it normal to pose like this when your covered in mud?


  1. I have alwasy wanted to do a mud run! DId you love it? How long was it???

  2. It was sooo much fun! It was the Down & Dirty Mud Run at Ft. Lewis, WA. It was an 8k with obstacles. I'm sad I won't be able to do it this year but I found a similar one I may be able to do in Boise the town I'm moving too!

  3. You are the cutest thing in the world!! I want to do a mud run!!! Are you feeling back to normal yet!! I need to start packing healthy snacks like you! Let's go on an olive garden breadstick and salad date?!?!?

  4. Your so pretty...Wanna go on a date?

  5. @Hungry Runner Girl... ummm yea! Breadsticks and salad and olive garden.. whats not to love about that sentence :) Feeling much better! You should totally do a mud run you would love it!

    @ Anonymous... your so funny! I knew it was you :) haha. Can't wait to go on a date with you hun!

  6. I hope you are feeling better!!

    And your mud run looks like it was tons of fun. :)


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