Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Running while traveling...

So I'm leaving for Idaho tomorrow!! Not to move yet but going to Gene's graduation from the academy for his new job :) It's been about 6 weeks since we were last together so I miss him lots. Yes we have been apart for longer but it's still never easy.

I'm taking my running clothes with me though I don't know if I will have time to go for a run. We have lots on the agenda and are finalizing everything on getting our house back too (We still own a house there, we were leasing it out till we moved back)

I incorporated some hill work on Monday's 10 miles of awesomeness long run and also on today's 6 mile run so I don't mind skipping the hill repeats I had on the schedule for tomorrow. But I have a 6 mile run scheduled for Sat and a 12 mile long run scheduled for Sunday. Did I mention I am driving to Idaho? Well yea so there's no way I can come back on Sunday and run 12 miles. I am going to reschedule the long run for Monday. But I do want to try to get in the 6 mile run this weekend. Maybe I'll convince Gene to go on a running date with me early Sat morning :) *hint hint if your reading this my wonderful 1SG who I love very much :)

I'll be sure to take some pics to post later. Not sure if pics from the drive will be entertaining. I think I just want to survive the 8 plus hour drive with a 9 year old and 2 dogs. Wish me luck! haha

Now it's time to finish packing. Which for me is a loooong process.

Here's a pic of the Boise Greenbelt along the Boise River. Can't wait to get back to running on it :)

How do you make up your runs when your going to be traveling? Do you get them all done before you leave or do you fit in your runs no matter where you're at?

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  1. Looks like that is going to be a fabulous run! And, I saw that your blog header includes your Portland pic! last year was my 1st marathon--holy rainy-ness! ugh! Did you run the half or full?


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