Monday, January 10, 2011

The Weekend!

This weekend was a lot of fun. I went down to Portland for a company banquet. They do this every year to go over the previous years numbers. It's actually a big production and so much fun. We stayed at the Portland Marriott Downtown Water Front. It starts with a 2 hour meeting where they go over numbers and top sales reps. The reps always put on some kind of act. Last year they made a Michael Jackson "Beat It" parody video, this year were Asian drummers and were up on stage drumming bongos as a team (them this year was Teamwork) . Then after that we all went up to the bar/grill in the hotel to watch the Seahawks beat the Saints. I'm not normally a big football fan unless its my Boise State Broncos!! After that I went up to my hotel room to get ready for the banquet portion. I love dressing up! I didn't have anyone to take a pic of me so the I only have this crappy one I took with my phone with really bad lighting! The dress is so much more beautiful in person. Its a navy blue strapless with a grey ribbon in the middle. I also wore it with a cute dark grey headband that had a flower on top. Here's the really bad pic...

The banquet was a lot of fun and also in the hotel. We had a salad and rolls to start with. Then the main course was a veggie option of raviolis or steak and salmon with mashed potatoes and asparagus. I had the meat option. It was actually pretty good. (yes I'm a bad blogger I need to take pics of things, but I need to get a new camera since mine is broke :(
For dessert they served different types of chocolate candies. I had one, it was ok and not the best dessert. Oh and you also get 3 tickets you can use to get drinks from the bar. I'm not a beer drinking a prefer more fruity drinks so I asked the bar tender what she recommended. She made me a mixed drink that had vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice and OJ. It was very yummy! She said it didn't have a name so I asked her what her name was, and told her we will name it after her... so for the rest of the night I would go up to her and ask for the Whitney.
After the dinner portion the President of the company goes up to talk and announce the people who were nominated for Presidents Award. They each get an extra week of vacation! That would be nice! After that they DJ starts playing music and we talked and danced the rest of the night. It was a lot of fun and I'm sad this is my last year banquet with them. I have to quit my job since I'm moving :( I really made some great friends and enjoyed my 2 years working with them.

On Sunday I woke up feeling like crap! My throat, head and sinus hurt so bad. I had to make the 3 hour drive alone and it was horrible! I got home and the sitter dropped off my son soon after. I then snuggled on the couch for the rest of the evening with my puppy and watched movies with my son. Only getting up to make dinner. I was actually sad cause I had all the intentions going out for a run and using my new Garmin watch I got as an early birthday present. But my body just wasn't haven it.

I'm still feeling even more crappy today but managed to make it into work. There are so many people sick here I think i got it from one of them! My body is really aching today and my voice is not sounding so good, I don't think a run is in the cards today either :( Hopefully tomorrow at the YMCA track while my son is in his swimming class.

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