Sunday, August 26, 2012

Remembering CPT John Hallett

Three years ago yesterday (August 25th) marked the day that CPT John Hallett was killed in Afghanistan by an IED. Also in his Stryker who lost their lives that day were SPC Dennis Williams, SFC Ronald Sawyer & CPT Cory Jenkins.
LT Kim (left) 1SG Gene Hicks (center) & CPT John Hallett (right)
Yesterday I ran 5 miles to honor and remember CPT Hallett, SPC Williams, SFC Sawyer & CPT Jenkins.
CPT Hallett, first row, 4th one from the left sitting next to Gene and SPC Williams, first row, last one on the right.  
I only met John a handful of times so I have few memories, but he was not only Gene's Company Commander but his friend. So John's name is spoke of often in our home and I love it when he shares stories of him.
I have talked often about CPT Hallett and his amazing wife Lisa Hallett on my blog, who started where Blue Run to Remember, but today I want to share with you a letter Gene wrote home to me a few weeks after CPT Hallett's death. Gene felt comfortable enough to share this letter on his blog so you can go HERE and read it if you would like. I hadn't read the letter in probably 3 years so it brought back all the feelings, emotions and tears from that difficult year of deployment.
John you are always in our hearts, thoughts & prayers.

Monday, August 20, 2012

A busy summer...

Sorry I've been MIA for a couple of weeks. Summer has been busy and it's almost over!

My son starts school next Monday! Where did the summer go?? 

We also moved last week. That was a long process and were are not completely done but just about.

Our new home. I love it!!

I absolutely love our new home. It's bigger than our last house which was much needed.
But the best part about the move? I have so many different running routes that don't involve lots of busy streets and traffic lights. And I don't have to drive anywhere to get a good run in, I can finally just run out my front door! I have so many more options - There's flat roads, hilly roads and there's some trails that are near me too!

Here's some pics from my last run.  
Flat stretch with a paved trail that runs on both sides of the roads.

The view going back to my house was a lot better

Beautiful sunrise

If you can't tell I am seriously excited about the new running routes. Hopefully this will give me the kick start I need to start running more often. It's been really difficult to get out the door. With the hot temps I need to wake up to run before work which is still difficult to do! And then the smoke in the air from all the fires we have has been really bad. But really I just need to stop making excuses and do it!

I'm hoping after this week I can get into more of a routine. Today we started a 4 week weight loss and fitness challenge at work. This week our focus is more healthy/clean eating. Next week we will incorporate exercise. We are actually posting our results in our office and on our Facebook page. I may post them on here too. But our hope is to get some of our patients to want to join in on our healthy living journey.

Well that's all for now. I am at work so better get back to actually working!
I'll try to not take another month to post on here :) 

I'll leave you with a picture of me and Dash enjoying a hot summer day while Gene was BBQing for us...

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