Thursday, January 6, 2011

Running Out Loud & A 2010 Recap

After many months of stalking following many blogs out there I decided it was time to start my own. I currently live in Tacoma, WA and will be moving to Boise, ID in a month or two so I want some way for my friends here to know how my life is going, but also a place to keep me accountable for my marathon training until I find some new running buddies in Idaho. And what better way to start off a blog then by a 2010 recap!

My 2010 goal was to run a half marathon. But before that I decided to run a local 5k in March. It was the St. Patty's Day Run. A couple of friends and I all ran it and dressed up for it. It was so much fun and a great first race ever!
I finished the race in 29:02

For my half marathon I ran The North Olympic Discovery Half Marathon from Sequim to Port Angeles, WA. It was a very beautiful course (full and half start in different locations). The last 5 miles are along the shores of the Strait of Juan De Fuca! This really was when I caught the running bug! I had such a great time running it. I think I ran off adrenaline the entire race! I had two friends run it with me and also had some friends there supporting us that made us some awesome posters! I finished in 2:03:14


Some of the other races I ran in 2010 were:
Tacoma Sound to Narrows 12k (finished in 1:09:31)
Over the Narrows 10 Mile run in Gig Harbor (finished in 1:31:42)
Aflac Iron Girl Seattle 10k (finished in 57:37)
Tacoma You Go Girl Half Marathon (finished in 2:05:12)

All of that lead up to running my first marathon on 10-10-10. The Portland Marathon. This day is one I will never forget. So many things happened that day. It started with the fire alarm going off in our hotel marathon morning at 2 am. Waiting outside for about 30 min before they let us back in. Only to have my alarm go off not much longer after that. It rained non stop during the entire race! My knee started hurting at mile 16 which forced me to run/walk the last 10 miles. But this race I not only ran for myself, but I ran representing the group Run to Remember. Running in the rain with a hurt knee is nothing compared to what these families face. Run to Remember is a group of women who are a living memorial for our fallen Soldiers from 1-17 Infantry Stryker Battalion based in Fort Lewis. We wear blue representing the units color and the name of the 41 fallen Soldier's on the back.

I finished the marathon in 4:48:22. I was happy I finished and new as soon as I crossed the finish line, soaking wet, limping to the medical tent, I had to run another marathon. Yes I'm a little crazy. But I knew this wasn't a normal marathon experience... or is it? That's the adventure in it!

I finished the year with another local 5k. Santa Runs Tacoma 5k. This was also a lot of fun and my racing partner and I dressed up as snowflakes. I finished the race in 27:53. I ran this race with the no finish time in mind I just wanted to have fun. I ran it without an ipod or anything to track my time so when I crossed the finish line I was excited to see a new PR!

So this is my 2010 journey of running through life, dreaming big and laughing out loud. And I just know 2011 will have so much more in store for me!


  1. Welcome to the blog world! It's a crazy/fun place, huh? :) Love your recap! Congrats on your first marathon!

  2. Thanks Zoe! It is a very crazy and fun place and I love it! :)


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