Friday, January 7, 2011

Run to Remember

If you haven't read Feb issue of Runner's World. You should! There's a very powerful article entitled "Moving Comfort"  You can also read it here.
My bf was the 1SG for A Co. 1-17 IN. CPT John Hallett was his Company Commander. I've worn my blue Run to Remember shirt to races and training runs. Trying to do what I can in helping keep the memory of our heroes alive. This article doesn't even scratch the surface as to everything Lisa does. But its a beginning to getting people remember our fallen and to remember those that are still serving. If you ran Seattle Rock & Roll Marathon or the Seattle Marathon in 2010 you may have noticed 41 flags along the course. Those flag represent each and every one of the Soldiers lost in Afghanistan from 1-17 IN 5/2 SBCT. I plan to share the pavement with these amazing women for the 2011 Seattle Rock & Roll Marathon.

Life is precious. Cherish every moment you have with your loved ones.

I heart him


  1. So I some how managed to delete ALL my comments :(
    Still new at the bloggy thing obviously.

  2. Yep, I saw those flags in the Rock n Roll...I was not prepared to see that. It is kind of hard to run where there are tears flowing. I ended up with a PR on that course and I am pretty sure it is because of that stretch with the flags.

    So sad we never hooked up in Tacoma!! I just left there in Oct and MISS it SO much!!!!

  3. Such a powerful image! It's amazing what can give you that extra push for a PR or just to even finish a race.
    Reading your blog and Tall Moms blog of all the local races was inspiring and made me want to start my own blog! I will be sad when I leave. This is also where I started my running love affair. But I know I will be back, its only an 8 hour drive or 1 hr 20 min flight. Plus my bf family is still here so I have lots of reasons to come back and visit aka run races :)

  4. Hi Cynthia, I'm a fellow milspouse blogger. I actually volunteered at the Run to Remember event last year when we still lived at Fort Lewis. I' blogged about the event, and I'm getting emails from people wanting to support the group. Do you have Lisa's contact info so I can forward these emails? Or, is there another POC for the group?

    Thanks in advance! I want to make sure these supporters can get connected with the group!


  5. Oh, P.S. you can email me at


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