Monday, May 2, 2011

Running, working and puppy love

Yesterday I ran my last double digit run till my marathon on May 14th. 12 miles in 1hr 48 min a 9:02 pace.
I'm getting really excited and nervous all at the same time!

My number one goal is to finish uninjured. Unlike my first marathon last October - Portland Marathon - where I had to shuffle to the finish line due to my IT band flaring up at mile 16. I think that's why I have such a hard time setting a timed goal. I start to set a goal then the doubt starts to slowly creep into my head. I just have to keep those thoughts out.

My training runs feel good at a 9:20 pace and I have been able to push it for under a 9 min pace during some of those double digit runs. My legs felt tired which was good cause it shows me I can keep a decent pace later in the marathon. I guess what I'm having trouble with is should I play it safe and run at my "comfortable" 9:20 pace or should I push the pace a little?

On another note I started a new job that I really really like... not sure if I should say love yet it might be too soon for the L word :)
It's at a health studio that offers chiropractic and massage therapy. I already got an adjustment on only my 2nd day there and anytime I need one I can just tell the doctor. I was talking to him about running cause my shoulder/neck area was a spot that needed some work and one of my hips was off too. I told him the marathon I am training for and he said he was supposed to run the 10k race but wasn't sure if he still was since he hasn't really been running. He also told me that I can use any of the equipment there - ultrasound, hot/cold compress, light therapy, traction, electronic muscle stimulator. And I also get a free massage a month. Awesomeness! It's a runners dream job, besides getting paid to run of course! But I'm also excited to finally be putting my bachelors degree to good use and not just paying off student loans. It will also be great for me when I decided to apply to graduate school!

One sad part about working is this little guy got used to having me home all day and or going with me everywhere.
This is the look he gives you anytime you say the word 'go'.

He was ready to go at the front door when I grabbed my purse thinking he was going to get to 'go' with me.
But it's fun to come home and get lots of kisses like he hasn't seen me in forever :)


  1. Hi! New follower! Your dog is adorable. Good luck with your new job and your upcoming marathon. My goal is to do a marathon in three years. My kids will both be in school by then and my husband hates how much time just training for a half takes :( so someday :)

  2. you are so ready for this marathon! I'm getting excited for you. You're gonna kick major booty :)

  3. Congrats on your new job, sounds like a sweet deal. Good luck on your upcoming race, I'm sure you'll have a better experience this time...injury free. Found your at Gourmet Runner.

  4. Good luck with your marathon on the 14th! That really does sound like the dream job for a runner, awesome!
    Maybe you can try running at your comfortable 9:20 pace for a while and then pick up speed in your last 10k or so? That way it's less likely you'll burn out!!

  5. You have done the training and will do fine.

  6. Your puppy is so cute! love it!

  7. Congrats on your new job Cynthia!! Sounds like a win win!! Is my it hard to leave our fur babies at home?!! Your guy is adorable--a pocket pet!!

    Good luck on your marathon, May 14th is a big day for us both!!

  8. I want your job! I wish I were in the health field somehow...maybe I can become a health lawyer?

    Tell your injuries to GO AWAY! BAD!! I had the exact fears you do last weak. It is a very uneasy feeling to not know if you will finish a race or not. I have faith that your body will let you do it!


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