Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Making the list

Today's workout was 5 miles (on the treadmill cause it was a late day at work).

I like to picture myself running the marathon. Especially the last 10k. What's that saying.. the race doesn't start till the last 10k... or something like that? Anyway I like to picture pushing myself those last few miles knowing how tired my legs are and crossing the finish line with a big smile on my face :)

Half way point at the Portland Marathon last year

Today I overheard a patient at work talking about her race this weekend so I started talking to her about running of course. She's running the Lake Lowell Marathon this weekend. It's a first year race that I heard about but already had my eyes set on the Idaho Potato Marathon. I think she said it's her 3rd marathon. I told her about my marathon and she said it was tough cause it gets really hot out there. She's the second person to tell me that now. I'm not worried, but I am re-evaluating my outfit choice. Still wearing a skirt but I might have to wear a tank top. I'll be stalking when the day gets closer!

So I need your help!
I'm working on my playlist and need you all to tell me what your fav running songs are?

Yes Britney is making the playlist, she has some good running songs on her new album!


  1. B. Spears has some killer tuneage out there.

    Cataracs have some upbeat mixes, J-Lo's latest...hmmm. I'm going to do mine NO musica....yikes, huh?

    Start hydrating now if heat will be an issue on race day! :D

  2. OMG my first half marathon was so HOT I can't imagine doing a full in the heat GOOD LUCK and don't forget to drink your fluids. Hmm playlist right now has Black Eyed Peas : Dirty Bit, Some Lady Gaga, Britney, and Avril Lavigne's What the Hell.

  3. I listen to a lot of country music when running.

  4. I can't picture myself running 1 km... maybe for some ice cream.

    / Avy

  5. Ok. My fav running songs right now are, Levitate by Hollywood Undead, The Dog Days are Over, by Florence and the Machine, and Grow a Pear by Ke$ha. Kind of a random mix, but it's fun!

    GOOD LUCK!!!


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