Thursday, May 5, 2011

He totally kicked butt on the mile run!

So my son got home from school today and said "Guess who got first place" and handed me this piece of paper
He put it up on the tv stand in his room :)
I'm one proud mommy! First place in the mile run with the a time of 8:10. He was so excited! He told me he "capitalized" on the moment. There was a few kids that each said they would get first place so he took that as a challenge and  without telling them he was aiming to get first place he totally passed them all on the first lap. He got tired in the 3rd lap and jogged a little till he saw a kid catching up so he showed me just how he sped up.... arms at side pumping them back and forth... perfect little runners form! And this was with non-running (or gym) shoes and a track on grass with just the lines painted on. Here's a pic of it last time I was walking Dash on it.

He gets to run with the top 5th and 6th grade runners (he's in 4th grade). The running mom in me wants to go out and buy him some good running shoes so he can kick butt!

He said his legs felt wobbly after the run. I told him it was cause he pushed himself to go as fast as he could. He is so proud of himself, as am I. His details of the run were so good he could write his own race recap on it :)


He asked me to take this pic of him. It's his "ahhh I'm done" look :)

Maybe I have a new running partner now :)


  1. so happy for you and so proud of him. yay!

  2. Congrats to your son--you must be so proud!!

  3. Oh that is so great! What a handsome little man you have!

  4. Oh my goodness! What an awesome day for him! He is going to be a heartbreaker. He's adorable! Sounds like a smart one, too.

  5. i love that his school is having a running challenge! :) ps. i just found your blog just now and i'm running seattle as my first marathon!

  6. How extremly cute. Thanks for visiting and your lovely comment!



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