Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane

Today was my first run post marathon. I ran an nice and slow 2 miles to see how everything was feeling. My legs felt good overall but I can tell they are still a bit tired. My left hip was tight. I stretched it out a half a mile in and it felt good, also stretched it some more after. Felt good to get the legs moving. I had been craving a run today but didn't want to overdo it especially with a tight hip.

Tomorrow I leave for Denver.. Anyone know anything fun to do in the downtown area? I'll be there for work training but I should hopefully be able to get some walking around in after my class and maybe some shopping :)

I'll only be there till Saturday evening but it feels weird to be the one leaving. I'm used to Gene being the one leaving for trainings when he was in the military. Feels weird to even say that, "when he was".
I'm know i'm being a big baby and i'm sure i'll have an ok time but I hate leaving home and leaving my boys. Kinda wish they could go with me.

Anyway I'm still waiting for the official race photos to be posted online. I did a little posing when I saw the camera and I'm sure they came out super cheesy. When I crossed the finish line there was a girl taking our picture so I made her take one again after I put my medal on.

And here's another pic of me at the race so hope your not tired of looking at them yet :) My next race is only a few weeks away so don't worry I'll have new ones to post then too.


  1. I don't have any Denver advice, I always fly into there then head to Boulder for work! It's such a beautiful area! Be careful with those legs after 26.2 ;)

  2. Listen to those legs Cyn! Glad you could stretch them put before your trip! Buoy Denver and then return to your boys!!!

    I love this pic of you: ready to dominate!!


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