Thursday, May 26, 2011

99 cents for Gaga!

3.5 Things Thursday!

1. You can download Lady Gaga's new album Born This Way for 99 cents thru Amazon! Yes all 14 songs for 99 cents! I am downloading it as I type this! Click HERE to download it. I haven't bought music from Amazon before but it's pretty easy you just have to download the Amazon MP3 Downloader and it automatically transfers all songs to your iTunes! If you don't have it go download it now!

2. My back is feeling much better today (still don't know why it was hurting) so I went for a beautiful 8 mile run! I love running next to the river it's so peaceful!
Here's some pics of today's run.

3. Training has fully resumed! 12 mile long run on the schedule this weekend and I'm hoping next weekend a 20-22 mile run. I was able to get two 20 mile runs in before the Idaho Potato Marathon but looking back I really wish I would have made one of those more than 20 miles. I think it would have helped me mentally and physically. I'm also incorporating some more speed and hill training. I'm running the Boise See Jane Run half marathon on June 18th and then Seattle Rock and Roll marathon on June 25th!
3.5 I'm running Seattle RnR with team Wear Blue Run to Remember so I'll be making a post on that soon as well as a link to their volunteer water station if anyone is interested. You can check out their website for info now.


  1. Training has resumed? Did you even take a break? Good luck! Speed work and hills. Gotta love em! NOT...LOL

  2. The gaga thing is nuts! Pretty awesome though! If gaga can't get you pumped up for a good workout, I don't know who can?! ;)

  3. So glad yor back is feeling better! I love running next to the river as well. It's so peaceful!


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