Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Here's Johnny!

So I made it back from my Denver trip! Was only there for a couple of days but was stuck in classes all day. The hotel I stayed at was cool. It's called the Curtis Hotel and their floors are all themed. I was on the 13th floor... the horror floor. I love scary movies so I thought it was awesome. When the elevator stopped at each of the floors a voice would come on saying something, like the cartoon floor had Marge Simpson's voice. Mine would say "Here's Johnny!" and the doors would open up to this..

Anyway there wasn't much fun going on while I was there but maybe next time. If there is a next time it might be in Miami! Now that would be pretty sweet!

Anyway I got to finally run yesterday! I ran 5 miles 46 min. It was about a 9:16 pace which I was pretty happy with. I felt like I was moving really slow. And funny thing was I ran it on the last few miles of the marathon course so there was a little reminiscing going on :)
I wanted to get in another 5 or 6 miles today but I have had some really bad back pain going on. Kind of in the area of where my left kidney is. Not sure what's going on there. I had the doctor at the office check it out and do some adjusting and use the massage machine on it. Felt ok for a little bit but it still hurts. I knew running wouldn't help it cause it hurts to take in deep breaths. I'm hoping it goes away by tomorrow!

Oh and here's some official pics from the race!

Um yea I need to practice on my posing still
I think this was around the 20 mile mark

This was the last .2 where I was in pain and I was looking for Gene in the crowd

Yup there he is! Happy to see him!

When I crossed the finish line there was a girl taking pics and I made her wait for me to put my medal on but they didn't post those online :(

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  1. Great pics! You look happy! I looked miserable in my marathon pictures. lol


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