Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm making my list, checking it twice!

The countdown is on! Saturday is right around the corner!
I'm mentally making a checklist (and checking it twice) of all the things I need to do before that day gets here!

*Marathon outfit has been tested and is approved. (Tank, running skirt and possibly running sleeves if it's not too warm)
*Need to get some more gels/chews
*Need to work on my play list (thanks for the suggestions on my other post!)
*Have been hydrating. Here's proof

Hydrating at work
Dash wanted some of my green tea!
I have been stalking the weather
Saturdays temps are high of 77, low of 49 with 20% chance of rain. I'll be looking at the hour by hour report on Friday but i'm thinking it's going to be in the 50's when I start and the 60's when I finish. Just call me Cynthia the weather gal.

We are making a spectator plan. I think it will just be Gene watching me run. (My son is going out of town this weekend with his grandma) We originally thought he could hang out at the RAM Restaurant till I ran by at the half way point cause it's right on the course but I doubt it will be open around 10 am and also not sure if there will be some detours on the course cause part of the greenbelt is still flooded. Packet pickup is this Friday where the finish line will be so I'll ask if they have an updated map.

Check out the lovely Jess @ Blonde Ponytail latest blog post for an awesome list of marathon tips! HERE
Definitely very helpful whether you are running your first marathon, second marathon like me or really just great tips for any runner to know!

And if you haven't already checked out EMZ blog (HERE) you NEED TOO!! Words cannot describe how inspiring she is.


  1. Just wanted to wish you the best of luck on Saturday Cynthia!! I think I will be facing similar conditions...though not as warm. T-storms are looming at 30%..

    Can't wait to touch base with you!!

  2. K, I seriously want to kidnap your dogs! Everytime you post pictures of them I'm like awwww I really really want a dog. Maybe santa bf will bring me one for christmas, lol. Although he has a 2 pet rule and we're at capacity already!

    Good luck on saturday, I'm excited for your race, I can't wait to hear how you do. you posted some good links about marathon prepardedness, here's another one (I forgot to put this site in sundays post) that you might like :)

    I saw jess' post in my reader but I'm saving it for the week before my race.

    Goooo Cynthia!
    I'll be cheering you on from bloggerland!

    ~ Harlow

    I was following a training plan but I've kind of adapted it to fit my schedule. we'll see how that works out.


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