Saturday, March 12, 2011

St. Patty's Day 5k

Results cause I know that's what you're all reading this for :)

Posted results
Pace 8:05
Place 3rd in my age group (out of 33)
6th in my gender (not sure out of how many)
27th overall out of 286

Garmin time:
3.14 miles
Time 24:59
Pace 7:57
Not really sure how the garmin was off from the posted results since I was right at the starting line.

And outfit...
Please note the shamrocks on the back of my socks and the house arrest bracelet/chip timer.

I'm super excited about my time and of course placing 3rd in my age group. It was a small race so lots of opportunities to place. I'm happy cause it's a 2:49 PR from my last race back in December. I wanted to stay around an 8 min pace and achieved that for the most part. I know I could have pushed myself harder but I didn't want to be stalking my garmin every 20 seconds.

Overall I loved the course cause it's one I run on regularly. The weather was in the high 30's and it was sunny which felt great to run in. The start of the race was not very organized. There was both a 5k and a 5 mile run and the announcer was even confused on which group was starting first. We were supposed to start at 10 am, finally at about 10:10 they decided it was time for the 5 mile runners to start. A few minuted later it was our turn. I started right towards the front cause I could tell a lot of the people were not there to 'race' and I didn't want to have to dodge them while trying to find my stride. Even though I started towards the front I don't know if they had us start back further than we were supposed to cause my garmin beeped before we would actually hit the mile markers.
We had to cross over two bridges which slowed me down a bit but I was only passed by one female runner the entire run. I did pass one guy I was chatting with at the start and he gave me a good job. At the end he told me he was trying to catch up to me but never could. I tried to speed up towards the end but I think it was a little to late cause all of a sudden the finish line was right in front of me. I never felt like I was on the verge of pain so I know I need to push myself harder. I waited around for them to post the printed results. We had a yummy goody bag with string cheese, bagel, carrot sticks and an apple to munch on. I chatted again with the guy from the start and another one that ran the 5 mile race in 33 minutes. They are both running the Famous Idaho Potato Half Marathon in May and were impressed I am running the full :)
The printed results listed me as 4th in my age group so I went home cause I didn't think I had placed. When I got home after lunch to see I was in 3rd I was a little bummed I totally wanted to get my award! haha

Overall it was a great course just needs a little more organized start but I would run it again.

And my love was pretty happy cause they had an award for the most supportive bf...

If you look closely you can see he is wearing his 98 Honolulu Marathon shirt :)

Here's my attempt to make a runners pose..
Instead it kinda looks like I want to punch someone.


  1. Congrats, that's a huge PR!!!! LOVE your outfit, the socks are awesome :D I really need to get a running skirt.

  2. Congrats! Major PR there!!! LOVE the socks!!

  3. well done! You look so dang cute doing it too! :)

  4. Love what you are wearing. Congrats on placing

  5. 2:49 faster than your previous PR? Dang! You go girl!

  6. I freak'in love those socks!!! I want a pair to add to my st pat's day outfit (me & my friends always go a bit overboard on st pat's day) they would complete my green outfit.

    Congrats on your time & place, 3rd is REALLY good. You're a pretty speedy runner.

    ~ H

    Thanks for the encouragement (and your personal story) on my up coming marathon, it's something I needed! I think doing the half before the full will calm my nerves :)

  7. Congrats! Your outfit is DARLING! I love those socks!!

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  9. WOW - You are fast. Congrats on the PR.
    Nice socks.

  10. GREAT job! that's so exciting and such a cute outfit!

  11. congrats on your PR...awesome! and your outfit looks fab!

  12. YEAH!!! GREAT job CYN!! YOu look adorable in your outfit and cut some major time off your 5k!! You are inspiring me for my dreaded tempo this Thurs---I will act like part of it is a 5k!

  13. Awesome job on your PR!! :-)
    And I love the outfit!


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