Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random post of the week

Do you online window shop? I do so I thought I'd show you guys a few things I am window shopping for.

But before I do that you should check out the Awesome Giveaways on my sidebar. There's some great giveaways out there! You can also check out these giveaways and more at Runner Swag created by Zoe at Run, Zoe, Run.

I have been looking for the perfect outfit for my marathon in May. Still haven't found what I want to wear. I know I'll be wearing a running skirt and a blue top (Wear Blue: Run to Remember). I have been wanting to try out a skirt from Running Skirts but I'm waiting for their spring line to come out, or maybe I can win one from Katye at Long Legs on the Loose!

I want to get these shoes I saw in Shape Magazine today Jamie Sneaker by Dr. Scholl's (they would feel awesome to wear after a long run I bet)

What do you think: Cute? or Fugly?

I showed them to Gene and he said he would buy them for me. I looked them up online and they are $60. The first thing that came out of my mouth was "60 dollars!?! I could register for a race for that price"
But I still kinda want them. I like the color shown above and the ones the girl is wearing in the add

I can totally see myself wearing these with some shorts this summer.
 I also kinda wish I had abs like Vanessa Hudgens pictured on the cover of Shape
Anyway back to my online window shopping...

I am needing some sunglasses for running so I can protect my peepers and have found these through a few giveaways hosted by some bloggers. I'm hoping I win a pair so I can own both a black pair and a pink pair :)

Hex from Ryders Eyewear

I also want this cute purse. I love Harvey's Seatbelt Bags

And this Oster Myblend Blender cause I think it's cool. Who doesn't want a individual-sized blender & stylish sport bottle in one?

Alright so that was my random post of the day. And to keep on with the randomness here's a pic of my puppy asleep on my pillow and half way under the blankets last night.

Besides being spoiled he is also jealous. I was trying to take a pic of my other two doggies Lilly & Gordies but he wanted the attention.

Ok end of randomness. I need to go run 5 miles, probably on the treadmill again since it's spring break and my son isn't feeling well to go ride his bike while I run. Hopefully he feels better soon cause the next few days the forecast calls for sun and 68 degrees!


  1. That blender is great! Love the Hex in Pink too :)

    The shoes are cute, I think I would need to try them on to decide for myself, but they look great on the model.

  2. Love the purse, still on the fence about the shoes. They could really go either way. I have a hard time shopping on-line because I really need to see it in person to get a real feel for whether or not I like something. Especially shoes.

  3. You got some shopping to do!! Great taste! I think the shoes are CUTE-comfy too I bet--you could make anything look cute tho!

    Love your puppy pics!!


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