Monday, March 7, 2011

It's Official... Marathon #3

It's official....

I'm registered for the Seattle Rock & Roll Marathon!! This will be marathon number 3 for me. Even though I haven't registered for marathon #2 yet (but I will soon, just didn't want this one to sell out before I had a chance to register). My marathons will be exactly 6 weeks apart. I'm excited! I'll be running the RnR with the running group Wear Blue: Run to Remember. Here's some links you can check out if you want more info on the group. (Wear Blue: Run to Remember's Website) (Blog from the article featured in Runner's World, I'm in the group pic on this one) (Blog featuring Lisa and her beautiful children)

My marathon training is coming along great. I'm feeling a lot more confident in this training cycle. Probably cause I know a little of what to expect now. I definitely learned a lot from my first marathon but I'm no expert and am still learning the do's and dont's. For example I didn't make the best pre-long run choices this weekend. On Saturday was my cousins 22nd birthday so we went out to Kyoto Japanese Steak House. I had a little bit of everything... well a little bit of Yakisoba noodles and a lot of sushi. I drank water for most of the night except for when we went out to a local bar I had 2 cocktails. I wore some wedged boots and danced for a couple of songs with her. We got home around midnight and went straight to bed. I didn't run till later Sunday afternoon when the weather was nice so hydration wise I felt fine but I could feel the fatigue in my legs early on in the miles. I think it was probably cause of the dancing in boots :) But I was able to keep an average 9:52 pace (and that's with walking for a few min at miles 5 and 10 to take a gel/energy chews) and pushed it the last 3 miles to hold a 9:20 pace. 
Lesson learned on sushi/boots/dancing the night before a long run. But I have been focusing more on fueling a few days before my long runs not just the night before and I think it's been helping out my overall feel during a run and my recovery time too. Also the foam roller is pretty much my bff's right now.

Here's some pics from my run
The run started out cloudy

But it ended sunny and beautiful!

Had to take a picture of the duckies!


  1. yay congrats on registering for #3, you are going to rock it lady!

  2. Oooo that is a tough course (from what I have read on race reports). Train for hills! Good luck :)

  3. Love your pics! It's so beautiful! Congrats on your registration!

  4. Yayyy congrats! I've yet to do 1 marathon, but my 1st half is approaching :D

  5. Hooray for registering for another marathon! So exciting, isn't it? I have two this month, six DAYS apart, ack. Six weeks it a great amount of time between marathons!

    I also got my fiance to argee to this: each time I run a marathon, I get to add another to my "queue" So at almost all times, I have 4-5 that I am thinking about and planning for!

    I would LOVE to run RnR Seattle this year, I just don't know (yet) if I can be in the PNW that weekend or not... I'm actually going to post about that on my blog today :-)

  6. Congrats on another marathon! That is SO awesome! I have heard that the seattle rock n'roll is a REALLY fun one! I'm sure you will do so well. :) Can't wait to hear about your training and such! xoxoxo

  7. Wow! You are doing awesome!


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