Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sports Bras!

I'm always on the search to find the perfect sports bra. My current fav is the Fiona from Moving Comfort

Picture from their website
 I definitely need a high impact sports bra and this style provides that for me. No bouncing and I only had chafing once but that was at the Portland Marathon when it rained the entire time so I don't think chafing could have been avoided. My favorite thing about it is the adjustable straps.
Even though this is my go-to sports bra I am wanting one that will look better under tanks now that spring/summer is fast approaching (well I'm hoping it's fast approaching it was snowing today in Boise). I was on Moving Comforts Facebook page HERE and asked if they had any recommendations. They recommended their Juno bra HERE. But after looking through their website two that peaked my interest are the Vixen HERE and the Phoebe HERE. And guess what?! Moving Comfort has the Phoebe on sale for $10!!

Picture from their website
You bet I ordered a white and black one! It's the 2010 Rock and Roll Series but they said it's the exact same style. Both the A/B and C/D sizes are on sale. I ordered a Medium C/D HERE. Two sports bras for a total of $25!! (after shipping costs).
Can't wait to receive them!! I'll be writing a review after I go on a few runs in them for anyone interested in getting them so look for that in a few weeks.


  1. I'm going to check those out. I usually wear under armour sports bras. They work fine for me. Sometimes I get some chaffing after a long run just underneath if I forget bodyglide but other than that, they work well.

  2. Looking forward to reading your reviews on the sports bra - the most important piece of sports gear for a woman!

    I bought a tata tamer sports bra from LuluLemon and it's the best sports bra I've tried as of yet. It's comfortable AND it doesn't give you a uni-boob!


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