Thursday, March 31, 2011

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

Today was a beautiful warm spring day. The dogs had fun playing outside. Here's some pics for your enjoyment.
Lilly chasing Dash as Gordies watches from a distance... those games are too childish for her. She is 6.5 you know

This feels soooo good on my back

Dash wanted to try it out too

He was enjoying it a little too much, had to block out the privates, this is a PG13 blog after all

Lilly still enjoying the grass

Gordies still watching from a safe distance

Ready to go in after a long afternoon of playing

Now they are all sleeping from all the excitement they had today.

I enjoyed the day by doing some yard work, which I think should count as cross training it's a lot of work weeding and raking. Anyway I also read my magazines while enjoying the sun, dropped off my son at grandma's house for the weekend, and went for an 8 mile run. This was the temp at the start of my run so I opted for a tank top and skirt. I was hot at the beginning but there was a breeze on my way back so it felt nice.

And of course I had to add a pic of me after my run. This put me at a total of 151 miles ran for the month of March :)
This weekend I have a long run of 13 miles. But I'm kinda looking forward to my 20 mile run next weekend, or at least mentally prepping myself for it.

P.S. Check out my new personalized favicon! It's a butterfly cause you should know by now how much I love butterflies. (I have a butterfly tattooed on the inside of my left wrist). Favicon is the icon next to your url (Orange B if you use blogger). Dion contacted me and designed it. Like it? Want one too? Check out his website at

And while we are on the topic of design what do you all think of my new blog design? Katie over at Dream Up Studios finished the design. I highly recommend her if you are wanting to change up your blog. She was awesome to work with.


  1. Beautiful dogs! I love the PG13 comment and that you had to black out part of the picture, that is too funny :-)

    So envious of the warm weather you are having! Hope we get some soon.

    The new blog layout is so pretty!
    Great job on the 151 miles for March!!

  2. First, I love these pics of your happy puppies! 2nd, Boise weather makes me jealous!! Awww!

    Love the favicon! Perfect for your blog!!!

  3. Oh, and good luck on yourlong run this weekend!

  4. Your dogs look like such characters and like they're the best of friends!

    I like the new header, but I liked the old one too - both were good in my books!

    Good luck on your 20 miler next weekend, I'm doing 18... eeeekk dragging my bf along for it too. & thanks for the makeup suggetsions, I did end up getting a clinique bronzer/powder. I totally forgot about sephora as well (there isn't one where I live) but I'll be in a city that has one soon!

    ~ Harlow

  5. Love your new blog look! Thanks for your comment today. Nice to hear from you! :) Love the sunshine pictures! ;) Your dogs are soo happy!

  6. LOVE the doggie pics!! They both look so happy. :)

  7. Pahahaha - dog privates and unexplainable booboos! Do you think the flirtinis had anything to do with that? hehe Love the blog Cynthia. You are full of great ideas and advice and I will be visiting often!


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