Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spider Pig

Today’s track workout and Saturday’s race has me feeling speedy!


Today’s Run Less Run Faster Key Workout #1 was:

1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down with 200m rest intervals in between the following:

1200m goal 5:27 – actual 5:27

1000m goal 4:30 – actual 4:34

800m goal 3:34 – actual 3:38

600m goal 2:40 – actual 2:40

400m goal 1:45 – actual 1:45

200m no specific goal – ran it in 50 sec

I really loved this workout! Not sure why. Maybe cause I was able to hit the majority of my goal paces. I liked knowing that after each interval I would be running less and less laps so it helped me mentally want to go faster. I focused more on my form and breathing. I find that when I run fast I run out of breath easier which makes me want to slow down. Focusing on my breathing helped me maintain my speed. I started off just under goal pace and would progressively speed up and sprint it in at the end.

I  wore my New Balance 10 Minimus Trail which I absolutely loved for speed work!


I have worn them for other runs and for the Foothills XC12k Trail Race but today was the first time I wore them for speed work. They were light weight and I think helped me with my form. I love my Saucony Kinvara’s but the NB Trails definitely will be my go to shoes when I want to run fast! I didn’t have to transition much into them. Probably cause the Saucony Kinvara’s are considered to be a good transition minimalist shoe. I have to agree but I can definitely feel the difference between the Kinvaras and the NB Trails. There is still more cushioning in the Kinvara’s which I prefer for longer runs.


I wonder if they would have helped any with my 10k race last Saturday?? Not that it matters I was completely happy and surprised that I could run at an 8:04 overall pace for 6.3 miles. Not sure if I could keep that pace for any longer my legs were definitely wanting me to slow down. I do think the Run Less Run Faster has helped me gain speed even only 4 weeks into the plan. I look forward to the speed workouts each week, they are my favorite from all the 3 key workouts.


Have you watched the Simpsons Movie? Remember the Spider Pig song Homer sings as he holds a pig up to walk on the ceiling? No, well here’s the video

So SPIbelt is having a giveaway contest on Facebook for whoever comes up with the best SPIbelt jingle, chant, song, motto etc. So I told Gene about it and he had the awesome idea of coming up with a jingle to the tune of Spider Pig. This is what we came up with (sing it with the same tune to Spider Pig)


SPIbelt, SPIbelt,

Holds whatever you want it to hold,

Doesn’t bounce or shift while you run,

The reflective belts keep you safe at night,

The waterproof ones keep your things dry and tight,

Lookout here comes a runner with a SPIbelllllttttt!!!!


Might not be the best lyrics but we thought it was funny and had fun with it. SmileGene was trying to claim the prize if we win cause he came up with the idea, but I told him I really want the black with pink polka dots and I just have to have it. So he said he would take my current one. Smile And if we don’t win it’s still on my list of stuff I want to get.

Well off to bed I go! Little man’s first day of school is tomorrow!


  1. I like how you start off with the longer intervals first. Makes it seem easier. Good job. Those are cute shoes too!

  2. I hope you win. I would've never thought about doing it to the Spider Pig music.

  3. Nice job on the track work! Haha...i'm going to have the Spider Pig song stuck in my head now. :)


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