Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dirty Booty Chasers

The last few days have been busy so this post will be all over the place….

My son’s first day of 5th grade was on Wed.


I still get emotional when I drop him off on his first day. No I don’t cry, anymore SmileBut I imagine I’ll get emotional till the day I drop him off at his college dorm.

On the way to school his first day he was talking about the mile test. Last year he was first in his class and a spot to participate in the super mile against other kids in his school. This year he wants to do better so I told him I would help him if he wanted. Today he mention the track team and possibly joining this coming spring. That makes me super happy! But I will let him make his own decisions on what sports or activities he wants to play. The rule in the house is he can choose what sports or activity he wants to participate in, he just needs to do something so he can stay active. When we were in WA last year he chose swimming lessons which he really loved. Since moving to ID we haven’t been able to sign him up for anything but with the new school year we will have more opportunities for him now.


This week has also been really hot! Not as hot as some of you have to deal with and it isn’t humid thankfully but it’s been at least 100 the last few days and tomorrow 102 is predicted. Normally I wouldn’t mind this cause we have air conditioning so it makes it bearable, but this week the air con broke at work! So it’s been extremely hot! Making me very tired and grumpy by the time I get home. Needless to say I haven’t got in any cross training. I am just way to tired to want to go to the gym after spending my day in a sauna. I have done all my runs this week so far. I run first thing in the morning before work to get them out of the way before it gets too hot. Thankfully I’ve been staying hydrated with some Nuun at work.


Shout out to the Nuun HTC team this weekend!


And finally I went to pick up our races packets today for the Boise Dirty Dash 10k on Saturday!


It’s going to be sooo much fun! Our team name is “Dirty Booty Chasers” It’s a pirate theme Smile


I really like the shirts too!

IMG_1117 IMG_1119

Our team has 4 members including Gene and I. And Linzi from Beyond Destination 26.2 is also on our team! Linzi and I are going shopping for some costumes tomorrow.

I have been looking forward to this race all week!
I ran the Ft. Lewis Mud Run in Washington last year and it was so much fun!


Be sure to check back this weekend for muddy pirate pictures!

And to end on a random picture. This is me trying to use the foam roller this evening but Dash wanted me to pay attention to him instead.


Best way to get attention is with kisses right? Smile


  1. You are going to have so much fun this weekend--I can't wait to see your muddy pictures!!

  2. I.can't.wait! Dirty Booty chasers will be on the loose tomorrow!!! :)

  3. Ooohh have fun at the Dirty Dash!! And any time I am on the ground, my dogs smother me with kisses too. Must be something about us being on their level. ;)

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