Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Men in spandex and beer

I’m a little behind on making my weekend post. But here is :)

After the hardest race I have EVER ran, we had tickets to go watch WWE Wrestling. My son is a HUGE fan. He watches it religiously! He sets the DVR for Monday night Raw and Friday night Smackdown so he never misses an episode. For Halloween last year he was Rey Mysterio. Like I said he is a HUGE fan. So me, being the coolest mom EVER, got him tickets when I heard they would be in town. Now I don’t watch the shows unless he wants to show me something but I know a few of the wrestlers that he always talks about. So it was actually really cool to be able to see them live and well it wasn’t that hard to look at a bunch of big muscular men with little spandex shorts ;)

We saw Randy Orton’s bus pull up while we were waiting in line so we waited to see him get off. He waved to the crowd but didn’t come over to sign autographs.
You can see him getting off the bus here

We got inside and found our seats. I didn’t bring a camera so I only had my iphone to take pictures.
I joked that we should all be happy cause Izaiah was able to see his favorite wrestlers, Gene was able to watch the Diva’s wrestle, and I was able to watch men spandex wrestle haha.
The Diva’s wrestlingIMG_0870

This guy in the middle was huge!

The main event. Randy Orton vs. Christian

Just in case you need a better view of Randy Orton I found this picture on line :)

They had a contest and picked 4 people out of the crowd. They picked 3 adults and 1 kid. They all took turns dancing. The kid was too embarrassed and just stood there with his arms crossed. At the end we had to cheer for the favorite one. The kid got the most cheers and won. I asked little man if he would have danced if he was picked to go up there. He said yes and showed me his moves, I have to say he would have won with his sweet dance moves :)
I took him to the merchandise table to get a shirt but they didn’t have one that fit him, they only had adult sizes in the shirt he liked, sad. So he got some arm sleeves instead.
It was so funny to see him watch the show live. He knows that it is fake, but he still gets so pumped over the matches and would boo or cheer or get upset and yell out when they match wasn’t going the way he wanted. I’m so glad that I took him to this event. I know this is something he will always remember Smile
On Sunday little man went to spend the day with his grandma so we decided to go to Barley Brother’s Traveling Beer Fest.

For $25 you got a 4 oz cup and got to try as many beers as you wanted. They had over 200 beers.

I’m not a beer drinker but I had a few sips of Gene’s. He tried one that I actually really liked and had him go back for another cup of it.
We took Dash with us and he was having a great time! He even made a new friend.
I can’t remember his name but he is a Great Dane and he was BIG! I stood next time him and his legs were longer than mine!
But he was such a sweet mellow dog. He even had his own wrist band incase he wanted to drink beer lol.
They had all the beer kegs set up in tents but I tried not to spend too much time in there. It would get hot and muggy with the amount of people there.

Overall it was such a fun time, even if I wasn’t drinking beer at a beer fest.
And I got to spend it with these two guys

My next post probably won’t be till this weekend cause we are leaving camping tomorrow after work! I haven’t had time to write up last weeks workout summary :( But if your interested you can follow me on Dailymile (link on the right)
Anybody out there watch WWE??
I remember my friends going to one of the events when I was in school but I never really watched it so didn’t go.
Keeping on track with your workouts?
I missed my track repeats yesterday so I had to make them up today. But at least I did them right?!


  1. When I was young we went all the time. We love it. My favorite back then was Danny Little Bear and Rufus R Jones. We knew they were fake but we still loved going to them..

  2. That beer fest looks super fun! My bf and I always go to the Oktoberfest near his parents house. It's usually a pretty good time!

  3. Your son is soooo cute!! He is just precious sitting there at the match!

    I just became your newest follower! I would love for you to check out the blog that I just started with my sister and follow us back!


    Twitter: @maryanddyer

  4. I had never heard of the Barley Brotgers before your post and so I googled it. From your account and the website promo, I wish I'd known it was in Boise because I so would have gone.....Congrats on the run btw. I love running in the foothills and had contemplated doing this run but then I kept thinking I run this all the time; where's the fun in that? But now I'm jealous!

  5. cool blog u have here!
    immafollow you! follow me back! :)


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