Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Repeats and sparkles

Sometimes you just have one of those “off" type weeks. Well last week was like that for me. My run days were all mixed up and I didn’t get to get my long run in. I also missed my goal pace for my tempo run cause I decided to run around 3 pm when it was in the 90’s. Yeah it wasn’t pretty. I could have kept my goal pace but I seriously thought I would die of a heat stroke and figured not passing out and finishing the run was better than any goal pace. I had to stop way more than usual but luckily most of the run was near the river so I had some shade and a little cooler temps.

I decided to take a little break and wished I was floating in the river with everyone else.


But this is a new week and I wasn’t going to beat myself up for not getting all the runs done on my schedule. Sometimes things happen that aren’t always in your control so you move on to the next week.

Well this week has definitely started off right!

Today I had track repeats on the schedule. Gene and I headed over to a local high school track and I set my garmin on the interval feature. Goal was 6 x 800 meter repeats in 3:34 with 90 sec rest intervals.


After my mile warm up my repeats were as follows: 3:28, 3:35, 3:39, 3:49, 3:48, 3:58 (then a 1 mile cool down)


Gene ran the first two repeats with me then after that he did .25 mile repeats. He was a good pacer cause the first two were near goal pace or better but after that I was too slow when I was on my own. I also wasn’t paying attention to the time too closely, I would forget to look at the starting time and just go when the watched beeped that my 90 seconds were up so by the time I did I couldn’t figure out if I was on track I just wanted to be done with that repeat.

Can’t you tell by this picture right after I finished haha. “Water… I need water!”


Of course Gene looks good running his as usual :)


Overall this was a tough but great workout and only the start of an awesome training week. Redemption for next week!


On Saturday Gene and I are running a 10k. I have a 10 miler on the schedule so I figure I’ll run the 6 then add on 4 either before or after. It’s the Project Athena Race Series which:

“100% of entry fees will help support local Survivors that live in your community as well as on a national level by providing Athena-ship grants that help women live their adventurous dreams!”

You can check out their website for more info. They also have an event in Seattle and other areas if anyone is interested. I love running for a cause and maybe I’ll get a new 10k PR :)

I also get to wear my new purple Team Sparkle Skirt. They have prizes for best God and Goddess costumes but not quite sure how to incorporate the skirt into a Goddess costume. Any ideas out there??


I absolutely love the color and am thinking about which color to buy for the Las Vegas RnR Half. Sparkles and Vegas definitely go hand in hand!


How do you bounce back from an off training week?

Any idea’s for a Goddess costume?

Which color would look good for the Vegas half? The red keeps catching my eye, then I could use it for a xmas fun run too! I guess I should decided if I want to have a theme, showgirls anyone? haha


  1. There are so many bloggers going to Las Vegas for the RNR! I will probably wear my purple sparkle skirt, too.

    If you want to get another one for Vegas, I vote for GOLD!

  2. I'm with Alma, I'd get a gold sparkle skirt.

  3. I seriously LOVE the skirt, It's perfect for Las Vegas!!!

    Good luck on your race :)

  4. Yeah for sparkles AND training together with your loved one!! Can't wait to see your costumes!

  5. Just checked out the skirt site and I LOVE them. I hope you don't mind that I might totally buy one for Disney Half or Vegas :)

  6. That skirt is fun! Love it. Ahhh everyone is going to Vegas!! :(


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