Friday, July 15, 2011

Things I am loving

  • Frozen fruit, especially blueberries. It prevents me from eating the Klondike bars and Tillamook Udderly Chocolate ice cream in my freezer.
  • Amazing home cooked meals by my love
Roasted asparagus, salmon, saffron rice and pasta salad (beer was not included in mine :)

  • I love coming home to finding my gels/energy chews replenished without me even asking. They were on sale for .77 cents a piece so Gene bought a couple
  • Working out with this handsome guy
This photo was taken last fall so obviously we need some new running pics together. Maybe tomorrow, he has an 8 mile run plan. It’s my job to make sure he sticks with the training program :)
  • I’m also loving the SkyView app on my Iphone. I’m not sure if you have to have internet when you use it but I’m hoping to use next week when we go camping. You point the camera to the sky and it tells you what constellations you are looking at, points you to where there are others in the sky, makes things look more 3D and you can even search for satellites or space shuttles in the sky. We had some fun with it last night. I’ll have to remember to take some screen shots to post.
  • And lastly I’m loving the fact that one of my good friends will be here a week from Sunday. Along with her little guy whom I haven’t met yet! They are stationed in Savannah, Georgia right now so I haven’t seen her since 2008!
michelle and j
I also realized that I could not find any pics of her and I together, sad! So I will make sure to take a few with her and that handsome baby of hers.
What things are you guys loving right now??


  1. that dinner looks so good and you def need some running pics with the man! Have a good weekend :)


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