Monday, July 25, 2011

Getting a fish hook in your arm isn’t fun!

So Wednesday after working 10 hours I went home, packed up my bag and we were off on the 2 hour drive to our camp site (Gene packed the rest of our things earlier that day).

Our neighbors had a reserved campsite, they had been there since Monday. We set up the tent, sat around the fire for about an hour then headed to bed. I was exhausted from a busy day!

The next morning was much better. I was up early and ready to start the fun day! But not without brushing my teeth of course…


My little man was already up and fishing


It was a cold morning.



Gene made us a yummy breakfast.


My handsome boys


Our beautiful view from the campsite


Doesn’t everyone look like this when they sleep on their hammock?


Hanging out with Dash


Reading my magazine… Runner’s World of course!


Gene wanted a turn too


This camping trip was one to remember for my little man. Before we left he had cut his finger with his first pocket knife he had just got earlier that day (he was trying to break into his piggy bang, which he knows the combination too!)

The next day he was fishing with the boys and got a fish hook stuck in his arm! He handled it really well and it wasn’t in too deep so they yanked it out with some pliers. This is him showing off his battle wound.


Later that day he was riding a razor scooter down a paved hill and crashed with only inches of his face hitting the cement. He scrapped up his legs and arms but nothing too bad. I think he was the only one to use the first aid kit this weekend.

After a long day of, well of doing nothing I decided to wait my turn on the hammock again.


I have my pillow, book, magazine and PowerAde zero. Gene even made a little canopy for me.



Later that night it was time for some smores!! I know it doesn’t look dark enough for it but it was already about 9 or 9:30 pm.


Dash was one sleep little guy. He also was very traumatized. I had to wrap him up in the blanket and hold him for a long while cause he was extremely afraid of any bugs flying in the air. I think a bug must have bit him. I don’t blame him for being afraid of them, they were practically as big as him! (Don’t mind the tired look on my face, I just need a few more hours of sleep)


Lilly on the other hand loved every minute of being outdoors. We unfortunately had to have the bigger dogs tied up cause the camp post guy was a jerk and strictly enforces rules. Even though our dogs were very well behaved.


Our friend Rob getting some kisses from his dog Tika


The next morning it was time to pack up and go so we decided to do some walking around the campsite.


It was so beautiful and peaceful



On the ride back home both my boys were tired and decided to use me as a pillow


We had such a great time. I really love making these memories with my family. Especially with my son. I want him to remember the summers we went camping when he gets older. It’s such a great way to just unplug yourself from the world, no phones, tv or video games. Just quality time with each other.

Hopefully we will get to go one more time before school starts next month.



I’ll post pictures tomorrow of my sister’s 30th birthday!


  1. Great pictures! I haven't gone camping in years and hope to at least once before we move

  2. This looks like so much fun! Your poor son, really took all those injuries like a trooper!

  3. Looked like a great trip! Your son will definitely remember these trips. :)

  4. Ok. You guys make camping look [dare I say...] fun!!!
    Love the hammock. Awesome.
    I've hooked my arm before...sucked.

    Great photos.
    Adorable family.

  5. It looks so relaxing. I don't have a hammock, I really need to get one for our next camping trip.


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