Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our first of many miles together

Yesterday Gene and I went on our longest run to date together, 8 miles.

DSCN0860 - Copy

Saturday’s are Wear Blue: Run to Remember’s group run days (in Dupont, WA) so we wore our shirts for our run.

We started at about 10 am and it was already HOT outside! We ran along the Boise Greenbelt which helped keep us cool when we were along the river for the first 2 and last 2 miles of the course. The in between miles were the hardest cause they were in direct sunlight along a golf course with little shade.


At the turn around point Gene said his ankle was hurting. I think it was more due to the shoes but could have been cause of the mileage increase. He is following a Runner’s World training plan which made his first long run 8 miles. This is actually a big jump for his first week of training since he hasn’t ran in about a year. I should have paid attention to this before hand but we are going to look over the training plan and adjust the long runs to something that suits his better right now.


I knew his ankle was really bothering him at about mile 6. I felt bad cause he is relying on me to help him with his training. He is stubborn and if his training would have put him at a 13 mile run he would have done it and finished it even if he was hurt. He tries to compete with himself and wants to have the endurance and speed he had 2 years ago before he had deployed. When he was in Afghanistan he didn’t have much time to run or workout. But I know at the end of this training cycle he is going to be running circles around me again. That’s ok, he may have the speed waiting to be unleashed but I have the endurance :)


After the run we took a few pics as we cooled off. It was hot and I really was contemplating jumping in the river to cool off!



I had so much fun. And he admitted that he did too! This was of course a few minutes after the run. During the run I think he may have secretly been cursing me haha.


I can’t wait to do it again! What’s even more exciting is that we plan to try out some new trails I haven’t been too.

Do you run with your significant other?


  1. Unfortunately the husband is a basketball player and not a runner so we have done a few short runs together which I enjoy but anything over 4 miles and I am on my own. :)

  2. What a nice run! I like running with hubs, but he is much faster, and only likes to go for a couple of miles. I prefer long and slow!

  3. I wish my husband would run with me. We did when he first got back from the deployment but he's been having some issues with his back that really limits him. He'll do a run / walk and that's not my running style so I just go alone

  4. This is incredible! So nice to run with your hubs!

    I ran outside this weekend and it was just plain awful!

  5. Wow, 8 miles off the bat? That's kinda crazy! I used to run with my boyfriend...but he is much faster than me & i get frustrated *very* easily. So for the sake of our relationship, we don't run together anymore. ;)


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