Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Seattle here I come!!

Thank you everyone for the comments on my kickass 1:53 half marathon!

This week has been very busy! I barely had time to squeeze in a run yesterday. I'm hoping to maybe get a quick one in early tomorrow morning. Just 2 or 3 mile to get my legs ready for the road trip! We will be driving to Seattle tomorrow. It's about an 8 hour drive. I think I will play catch up on all of your guy's blogs during the drive!

I miss WA. Weird to say cause only 3 years ago I was crying that I missed Idaho. But I grew to love the state and the people. It's kinda nostalgic going back because WA is wear my running adventures started. It will be fun to hang out and enjoy our time there, and RUN.

I will be in corral 17 starting with the sea of blue - Wear Blue Run to Remember. If you are running, volunteering or just cheering on someone, be sure to thank the people in blue if you see them on the course or at the water station for mile marker 5. They will be Soldiers, Army wives, Gold Star wives and family members running in honor of hero's that were not able to make it home.

I probably won't make another post till after I return from Seattle but you can follow me on twitter @CynthiaRuns for marathon updates!


  1. Good luck!! Drive safe! You will do amazing, I know it!!

  2. Go CYNTHIA!!!! :) Good Luck!!!

  3. Good luck Cynthia! That race sounds amazing. And email when you get back so we can coordinate our summer running adventures! :)

  4. Hi Cynthia - Thanks for the comment. Glad to "almost" meet you! I didn't realize you were part of the BLUE team. I'm so upset that I got injured before I could complete my whole race but SO GLAD I at least made it through the section with the flags, photos of the soldiers. Everyone I've talked to about the race says that was their favorite part. Very moving. I hope you had a safe drive home.

  5. so good to meet you Cyn!!!! CONGRATS on a fantastic marathon!!!


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