Monday, June 13, 2011

12 more days!

12 more days till Seattle RnR!!! Cant wait! I'm excited if you couldn't tell!

I haven't set much race goals for this race. Not expecting to PR but would like to be in at the same time for my last marathon. I just want to enjoy this run and remember who I am running for.

Yesterday I ran 11.5 miles. It was supposed to be 12 but I got home with half a mile left and I didn't feel like circling the block so I just stopped. I was tired and hot. I ran later in the evening. One cause I was too lazy to wake up early and two I figured it was a good idea to do some training runs in the heat.

I decided to use Accelerade during this run.

I didn't really like the flavor much and probably wouldn't use it again. I did feel like I had some energy in my legs but I also had an FRS energy drink (wild berry is my fav) so it could have been from that. It didn't feel any different from when I used Cytomax and I really liked it's flavor so I'd rather use that.

I also used the Honey Stinger Waffle. It wasn't bad but probably wouldn't be convenient to eat on a run. (I ran a few miles on my treadmill before I decided I wanted to run outside so I had it while I was still at home).

Someone else wanted to try some of my honey waffle

This Saturday I have my first half marathon race of the year! The Boise See Jane Run Half.

I have to work after the race. We are donating massages to the runners so I will be working the booth getting people signed up.

Is there anything specific you would like to see at a massage booth after a race?

Since I am a runner they are relying on me to tell them what to have at the race. I told them maybe a few chairs for runners waiting for their massage and some ice packs too. Ok well this is stuff that I want after the race since I have to work right after running 13.1 miles but I'm willing to share with the other runners :)

I'll leave you with a pic of my son. He road his bike while I ran at the Greenbelt.


  1. I dont know what I was execting, but those waffle stingers weren't what I was hoping for when I tried them lol. And yay Seattle! I am so ready for this race! Good luck with massage booth! I've never been to a race with one, but sounds awesome.

  2. I have never had a massage after a race, but it sounds like a grand idea! I haven't tried honey stingers yet. Good luck on your half saturday!

  3. I'm supposed to be getting some of those waffles in the mail soon, I hope they're tasty!
    I've never had a massage after a race either, but chairs and ice sound pretty important!

  4. I LOVE the waffles. yum.

    super excited for you!

  5. Good luck!! Those waffles look good, i'll have to try them!


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