Monday, June 6, 2011

My 22 mile run

For yesterday's 22.25 mile long run I decided to try some new fueling so I went to REI and picked up some goodies.

I have only tried the clif shot, everything else I bought to experiment with. It's the only way to find out what works for your body right, experimenting?

I have heard some good things about Cytomax and Amanda over at 5 Miles Past Empty used it for her 10 mile race and said she could feel a difference drinking it.

I haven't heard too much about Accelerade but it claims to

  • Increased endurance by 29%

  • Decreases muscle damage by 83%

  • Increased rehydration by 29%

  • Increases endurance in a subsequent workout by 40%

  • Pre-run I had a clif bar, some peanut butter and half a banana.
    I decided to go with the cytomax this run so I filled up one of my fuelbelt bottles with it (fruit punch flavor) and the other with water along with the clif shot (2 other one was in my car) and some Powerbar energy blast chews.

    I was on the path at about 7 am. It was very peaceful running near the river. I was able to see some deer in the park I was running through!
    Can you see the two deer?
    This one stopped to look at me, the other one went into the trees

    The first few miles were uneventful. The path that I run doesn't really have any hills. It is a slight incline till I reach my turn around point.

    The spike is where I decided to run up a side road to get a little hill workout in.
    View of the hill, I ran up to that big house. My future home.

    Up I go!

    View from the top!
    It was about half a mile up and half a mile down. I couldn't control my breathing on the way up so I walked for a few seconds till I could catch my breath.

    I had great energy which I haven't had in a while on my runs since my last marathon on May 14th.

    At about mile 10 my stomach was not feeling good. It started to give me some warning signs that I better find a bathroom soon. I decided to keep going cause I knew there was a bathroom in about 1.5 miles, which was also my turn around point. By mile 11 my tummy was really not happy! I had to run/walk so it wouldn't get even more upset. There was no bushes for me if I needed them. To my left there was a highway with people driving to Lucky Peak to enjoy the day on their boats, to my right there was nothing but water! Literally the water is almost up to the path. I sucked it up and walked the last bit of it till I finally reached the bathroom! I need to figure out what to do to make myself go before I run. This has happened before on my long runs and it's not fun! Sorry if that was TMI.

    I was supposed to take a gel at mile 10 but because I was scared it would make matters worse I didn't take it till mile 11.5. After I got back on the running path I felt good and my legs still felt like they had more in them too give so I decided to up the pace just a little. But by mile 20 my left hip flexor was feeling tight and I was wanting to be done. The sun was out and it was warm. I kept having some mental talks forcing myself not to walk and if I just kept running I could finish faster. It didn't work for very long. I walked for a few minutes. I find it harder to push myself when it's just me. During a race I try to focus on other things like passing runners. While I was walking another girl running passed me. I decided to focus on catching her. I kept my pace slow and focused on moving rather than pace. It worked and I was able to pass her, get a little burst of energy and pick up the pace.

    22.25 miles done in 3:37:58. A 9:47 pace. This included all my walking breaks.

    I am just about ready for Seattle RnR Marathon. I want to run a few more hill repeats! Those Seattle hills are kinda scaring me. I used to be able to run out my front door and encounter hills on pretty much every run. Now I have to drive to find a hilly path!

    I did like the cytomax, I think it did help but I just wanted to be done running. I liked the flavor though and will definetly try it again.

    So tell me do you guys ever have tummy issues (*aka have to take a crap during run*) during your run? How do you prevent them?  *edited for RoseRunner :)
    I've heard hot tea or coffee works. I will do some experimenting for this weeks long run!


    1. Great run--and what a pace even with walk breaks!
      I have "tummy issue" on long runs too. I definitely have to go before I leave--and yes, hot coffee or tea helps a lot!

    2. Nice long run - You are ready to rock it. Trust your training, and nail it with confidence. Bathroom issue - !!! The great thing about trails is there is plenty of trees ;-)

    3. 3.5 hours of running -- that's intense!! I can't believe you wanted to give yourself a challenge of a little "hill workout" in the middle of a 22+ mile run. You're nuts!

      is tummy issue code word for having to take a crap? what's with the secrecy here, let's just talk about it! I have caffeine before races to get it all out. and try to limit the fiber the day before

    4. that is incredible, 22 miles!! way to go, girl.

    5. Great blog, I stumbled across it the other day while reading DCrainmaker. Then I came across this post and thought I would chime in. Now I have not wrapped my head around running 26.2 mile yet, but I am in the final days of training for my first half ironman and ran into a number of nutritional challenges along the way including the "tummy issues". I have now switched over to Infinit Nutrition for most of my nutrition needs and have had zero problems since doing that, and I have used it on some pretty long training days, 5+ hours. It has also led to not having to use gels/gu's or any other supplements, just the drinks. Might be worth a shot.

    6. Great job Cynthia!! You are becoming quite the distance runner! Did I tell you I'm running Sea RnR (HM) in place of Chelsea? Hope to see you!

      Oh, and I have heard of runners taking Imodium b4 their races to block the "trots"!

    7. Thanks everyone!

      @ChrisS. Thanks for the comment and for stopping by! I have not heard of Infinit Nutrition but I am going to try it out. Thanks!


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