Monday, February 28, 2011

Life's Funner With A Runner Don't You Think?

I was finally able to get into a workout routine this week which has felt great. Most of my runs were outside except for my speed work last Friday. I did that one on my treadmill that I was finally able to use in my garage. I spent a day rearranging the garage and making room so I could unfold the treadmill. Now the view isn't great and I still have lots of work to do in there but eventually it's going to be our workout/drum/storage room. There's also a gym not to far from my house that we are going to get memberships too so I can do some cross training on my non running days.

The weather has been mostly cold and a few days with snow and hail but that's all melted away. I had a 14 mile run scheduled this past weekend I wanted to run it on Saturday cause the sun was out but the temps never reached above 29 and I was feeling sick (fighting a cold again ugh!) so I decided to make it a rest day. On Sunday the temps were better, the sun was still out and my son was at his friends house, so I set out in the afternoon for my run. It was an interesting run cause the most I had ran outside since I've been in Idaho is 7 miles so I knew the route would all be new. This actually made me feel a little uneasy so I ran with my phone just in case. The first mile kinda sucked cause I really had to use the restroom (probably do to the FRS Energy drink I chugged before hand) and the first two I ran to were closed! There was finally a porta potty near the second one that was closed that was absolutely disgusting but I had no choice. After I got that outta the way and thought I was finally in a running zone I noticed my mileage wasn't moving on my garmin. I must have not started it at some point so I ran for about a mile before I even noticed.
Overall I felt great for the 14 miles except for mile 13 where I was all of a sudden starving. I took one Clif Shot gel at mile 6 so it could have been that I needed another or that there was someone bbqing burgers in the park that smelled delicious. I tried the Tri-Berry Nuun during the run which I loved and can't believe I haven't used it before.
I didn't take my camera with me this time but I saw some men fishing and some ducks swimming along the river. I saw some beautiful houses along the course and a huge mansion up on a hill. I'll have to take a picture of it to show you guys next time.
After my run I rushed home to drink some yummy post run chocolate milk, stretch and foam roll, then take a shower cause I had to go visit my family.

I got this in the mail today....

Check out SkinnyRunner love her blog!
I'll be wearing it on a run this week. I love the sticker. I definitely think life is funner with a runner don't you?


  1. Love the new shirt and GREAT job on your long run!!! I love the lemon lime and citrus NUUN! But, I haven't tried it on a run yet...hmmm. Might do that this weekend! Thank you for your sweet comments!! You know what I use on my hair, sun-in!! So bad! I don't go crazy with it--just enuf! ;)

  2. Way to go on the run girl!! That shirt is super cute too!

  3. that is so awesome...14 miles!!! you really inspire me. love the t-shirt.

  4. I came across your blog and wanted to say hi! I ran the Portland Marathon on 10-10-10, also :-) Great job on completing it. Rain can make your first marathon even more difficult!

    Way to go on your 14 mile run. Have you ever tried Clif Shot Bloks? Those work well for me if you ever want to try something besides the gels. I'm going to have to try Nuun sometime.

    I ordered/received the same grey Vanity/Sanity tech shirt from SR! There is a picture of me wearing it after a 9 mile run on my blog.

    Looking forward to following you!

  5. Ahhhh, totally jealous of your shirt! I want!

  6. Good job with your long run, 14 miles is quite impressive!

    I am LOVING the shirt (and sticker) they are hilarious! I read skinnyrunner too, but I must have missed the posts about the shirts. Last I read they were at the warehouse or something.

    ~ Harlow


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