Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Moving and a new half marathon in the PNW

This week is BUSY! Movers will be here tomorrow to pack up the house and take everything on Friday! I squeezed in a 12 mile run on Tuesday and a 7.5 mile run today. Hope I can fit in the rest of my runs this week but I have so many things on my To Do List.

On another note there's been a new half marathon announced for Gig Harbor, WA. It's going to be held on Oct 16, 2011 and is called Race for a Soldier Harbor Half Marathon. The cause is something close to my heart, it will benefit military family members in need. I would love to come back to WA and run this one but it probably won't be possible :(
Here's the link to the article about the race. Spread the news if you live in or near the PNW! If the half marathon is a success this year it could potentially turn into a full marathon in the future!


  1. I

    Wish I could get there!!

  2. Think anyone would notice if I kidnapped you and kept you here in Tacoma??? Don't leave me!!! Insert really sad face HERE. :(

  3. I think that is the same day/weekend as the Girlfriends Half I am registered for! Sounds like a GREAT race and CAUSE!!! Good luck checking off that to do list!! I am a pro at moving!


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