Friday, April 20, 2012

Robie Creek here I come!

So tomorrow I'm running Race to Robie Creek

My awesome personalized race bib.

Call me crazy but I'm pretty excited. I know it's going to be rough. I've accepted it and I'm ready to just have a good time.
The race is 8.5 miles up hill with some steep climbing! Gaining about 2,000 feet of elevation. Then it's 4 miles of "bone-jarring" downhill (you can find the race description here). Sounds fun right?

I'm actually not to worried about the climb. There will be lots of walking I know that. But it is going to be pretty warm out there. You see this race doesn't start till noon!
Check out the hourly the forecast...

I guess the bright side is it's not in the 90's or higher. They have been sending out email updates and announcing on the news that this will be the hottest temps they've had in a few years. Usually there's snow up at the summit but not this year. They are also offering Gatorade at the water stops this year which I guess they never have in the previous years of the race. I've been hydrating all week to prepare.

On Tuesday I got a text from my brother that he just did something crazy/maybe stupid.
He bought a bib to run this race. I'm pretty excited I get to run it with him! He can suffer with me haha. He came over tonight and Gene made us a pasta dinner which was yummy! I'm letting him borrow my hand held to use tomorrow, figure we can share it if we need to, I don't mind his germs :)

My sister Crystal and brother Jojo

I still can't decide on what to wear. Initially I was going to wear my red team sparkle with my blue run to remember shirt but I want to wear a tank top now and I don't have a run to remember tank yet. I was thinking about wearing my black tank top because it's the only one that I own that matches the red skirt. But not sure if it's a good idea to wear black when it will be warm out? The theme for the race is ninja theme: Samurai Sailtoad. I think black and red is totally ninja and I would be a sparkly ninja :)

Ok I'm rambling. I will think some more about what to wear. I need to go to bed soon cause my son has a baseball game in the morning. Check back for my recap to see if I survived Robie!

In the mean time go check out Running In Boise's blog. She has an awesome giveaway to the Boise See Jane Run Race. This was my big PR half marathon last year and I can't wait to run it again so I hope I win!


  1. Thanks for the blog shout-out/entry :-) I am wearing black & silver tomorrow (just painted my nails silver) so I will suffer in a black tank top too. If you see me (I am #2045), say Hi!

  2. New reader here......that race sounds INCREDIBLE! Stay hydrated, run smart, and have a GREAT time out there today!

  3. Good luck! Sounds like a seriously challenging race and I can't wait to hear how you do!

  4. I do love the bib. I'm not sure how I'd go about doing an 8.5 mile race, good luck and enjoy the tan u get while running :)

  5. The race sounds crazy! Have fun and good luck!*

  6. Go kick some butt girl! Black + Heat + Sun = Slow miserable run. You might be ok with a tank top. Be a different kind of ninja and stand out from the rest (have fun with it) - Think light colors.

    1. Thank you! It definetely was a slow run :) but I had lots of fun!

  7. That sounds like a killer course. Hard to train for, but what a workout!

    1. Thanks it was a hard but fun race!


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