Monday, April 16, 2012

Finally, the run I've been in search for...

Yesterday I ran 16.1 miles.
I haven't ran that far in a long time.

I started at Municipal Park which is right off the greenbelt. I did a half mile out and back on the greenbelt so I could warm up. I dropped off my arm warmers in the car and grabbed my handheld and headed towards downtown Boise. I wanted to run towards Camels Back park where I knew there was some trail entrances. I have been back living in Boise for over a year now and haven't been out to the trails so I decided today was as good as any day.

My shin hurt about the first half mile only. At about a mile and half into the run I stopped and sat down to stretch and also to take off my left shoe so I could stretch out my ankle. It felt like it needed to be popped so I rotated my foot to try to get it to but it wouldn't. It didn't hurt it was more just uncomfortable so I put my shoe back on and kept on running. At one of the lights there was this big beautiful dog with his owner. The dog sat right next to me and was up to my waist and kept nudging me with his head to pet him so I did. I asked the owner what his name was and he said it was Bear. I realized I recognized the voice and looked at the man, he is the announcer on KBOI radio and announces all the BSU football games! I said goodbye and went on my way.

It was warm out, I started my run at about noon but there was also some wind that made it cold in the shady areas. I got to Camels Back at decided to stretch out some more and take some chomps before I got onto the trails. There was lots of people out enjoying the day. I saw these two boys that were about 12 on their bikes reading the trail maps posted and they had their camel backs on ready for a trail ride. I thought it was so cool thee were out there enjoying the day and it made me think of my son and how I wish he would do that too! I foresee some family trail rides in our future :)

I looked at the maps and new I wasn't going to memorize the trail numbers so I just took off and decided to just see where they led me and hope I didn't get lost!

Towards the start of one of the trails
Each trail head is marked with the names and numbers

Post on the left has arrows pointing to each trail and their corresponding names and trail number
There was lots of walkers, hikers and cyclists enjoying the trails too. I even saw a guy on a unicycle out there!
I decided to just stay on the trails that lead me up hill with some decent elevation change. Crazy yes but I wanted a good workout and since I haven't been able to prepare very well for Robie Creek race I wanted to give myself a challenge so I don't die this Saturday.

The dirt trail felt really good on my legs and feet and I didn't feel any shin pain which I was very happy about (I have been getting treated for it at my work so I'll make a post about that later).

The views were absolutely beautiful. I was so happy and grateful to have such a beautiful area to run in. The miles were just ticking by and I really felt like I could be out there all day. Even though my pace was slow and I had to walk during the up hills I was having a great time.

Cyclist riding up hill

Runner coming towards me in the distance
I had my ipod shuffle with me but never once thought about turning it on for the entire 16 miles which is rare for me. Usually I need music for long distances but that run was just so peaceful.
I thought a lot about our Soldiers and said a prayer for them and their families like I try to do on all my runs.

Wear Blue Run to Remember
As I was climbing one of the hills I jumped to the side to let some cyclist come down and one of the ladies said great job this is a tough run! That made me smile and I said thanks!

When I hit mile 8 I stopped to take a gel that had lovely little note on it from this lovely lady.

First time I had peanut butter Gu and I really liked the flavor!
View of downtown Boise in the distance

I new it was time to turn around and head and I was wishing that my miles had been on the trail. I really felt like I could run 10 miles out their everyday.

Heading back down the trail was much faster than going up it and it was fun going fast!

As I was reaching the bottom of the trail I remembered that I ran that extra mile on the greenbelt so I decided to take another trail for a half mile out and back so I could finish at Camels Back and head towards my car with only 3 miles left. I had another gel at about mile 12 cause I was started to get hungry. When I got to park I refilled my hand held and used the restroom before I took off on towards Municipal park. I could definitely tell I was on pavement now. My legs felt heavy all of a sudden and the feeling I had in my ankle that it needed to be popped came back again. I tried to increase my pace but my legs were tired and didn't want to go any faster.  The last two miles were tough and I was gladly stopping at the lights.

I stopped to take a few pictures of the capitol building.

I finally got to the park where my car was and was happy to be done.

It took me 3 hours but I also had 1,196ft of elevation gain!

 I realized this was one of the best runs I've had in a long time. I really needed this run to remind me why I love to run and especially why I love to run long distances. It was one of those runs that I couldn't stop thinking about and had a smile on my face the entire drive home. And once I got home I talked Gene's ear off about it during dinner. 

Today I feel pretty good overall but my quads and hips are a little tight. I was also able to finally pop my ankle a few hours after the run. Today I had my chiro look at it and try to adjust my foot, it wouldn't and he said it felt a little locked up. It's a tiny bit swollen so I iced it but it doesn't hurt so that's good I think. I'll stay off it for a few days just in case but I really just can't wait to get back out there for another run, especially on the trails!


  1. Great run! Those trails look beautiful and absolutely perfect for running!

  2. Congrats on an awesome run!! You didn't just run 16 miles you ran 16 hard miles!! :)
    I have yet to try the Peanut butter Gu.

  3. Wow, looks like you found a great new place to run! Those trails look amazing. Glad you liked the peanut butter GU- I think it is one of my favorites. Good luck next weekend :)

  4. So glad you had a great run! And look at those beautiful trails and that gorgeous blue sky! Loveliness. I am obsessed with PB so I can't believe I still haven't tried that Gu...


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