Monday, April 18, 2011

My date with the treadmill was a success

First I want to say good luck to all you running the Boston Marathon this morning!! I'm so excited to read the race reports! What an amazing experience it must be.

I did it!I  Ran further than 6 miles on the treadmill. In fact I ran more than a half marathon on the mill. I ran 13.5 miles in 2:06. I'm a happy girl, a happy runner girl!

Before I show you my pic for proof, it only says 12 miles. At mile 1.5 I hit the program button instead of the fan button and it erased all my data. I just had to see a 12 on the screen so I ran the extra bit so I could :)

This was my view...

First 5 miles were with no music. Then I turned on Pandora to "today's hip hop and pop hits".

I have to say that running on the treadmill is definitely a mental game. I felt the usual fatigue I would when I run double digits, but as for running on the treadmill itself, it wasn't as boring or as tough as I thought it would be. I of course had a few pep talks with myself before hand to make sure I was mentally prepared.
I left the incline between 1 and 2 and messed with the speed a few times. I mostly had it between 9:05 and 9:31 for most of the run but when I needed a boost or if there was a good song on that made me want to dance I would turn the speed up between 8:49 and 8:27. This really made the run go by quicker. My treadmill reset at 99:59 minutes, which figures since the clock can't hit 100.

Dare I say I actually enjoyed running on the treadmill? It was so convenient to be at home, not have to carry anything with me, having the bathroom available whenever I needed to use it (once) and I didn't have to wake up early. I don't know when I'll do another double digit run on the treadmill, but it's nice to know I broke down that mental block and I can :)

Here's my attempt at Amanda's from 5 Miles Past Empty signature pose (check it out here). She's having an awesome Allied Medal Display Giveaway and you get extra entries for sending her pics of her pose. Check out the link to her blog to enter!
Now this just looks like i'm taking a crap. Noticed I closed the garage door so those walking by couldn't see me during my self photo shoot
I don't want to say how many photos I took trying to get her pose down. I'm throwing this picture in just cause I'm not making a face in it.

And here's a picture of my son the day after his sleepover...

There wasn't much sleeping going on during the sleepover so he passed out on the couch after they all left. Today is his actual 10th birthday. He's excited and doing dances cause he's in the double digits, i'm crying cause my baby boy is so big :'( We are going to dinner to a place of his choice.
I'll be making a post later just on him which will include some baby pics :)


  1. Love the sig pose!! I hope we can meet one day too!

  2. Great workout on the treadmill. Funny poses!

  3. Wow! Nicely done on the TM. 10 miles is the longest I've gone on one! :)


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