Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm cheating on the pavement with my treadmill

So Sunday I was supposed to run 20 miles. But this weekend was my loves retirement ceremony so we had family here. They left early Sunday but I spend the day just relaxing. It was a busy and emotional weekend and I needed a rest day! I figured I would run it on Monday but I slept in so my opportunity passed me :(
So today it just HAD to get done. Only way that was going to happen was if I ran it on my treadmill so that's what I did!

20 miles in 3 hrs 11 min. My son was funny and asked if I was going to run a marathon on the treadmill :)

First few miles were the toughest mentally. As soon as I got over that I actually got into a groove and was feeling really good! I was hydrating like normal. Around mile 15 my legs/hips were fatigued. At mile 18 my feet were really hurting and I just wanted to be done already. I feel like I felt more pain running on the mill than I would running outside. Maybe it's cause when I run outside I 'escape' and don't focus on the pain but on the treadmill it's all I could think about I couldn't get it out of my head. I also think I didn't hydrate enough. I started feeling really low on energy and even nauseous at the end. I think it might be cause sweat a lot more on the treadmill than I do when I run outside so I should have took that into account and hydrated more.

Overall I felt good (besides wanting to chop my feet off at the end) This is my last 20 miler and I have one more double digit run before my marathon on May 14th! I probably should make a post on my goals for the marathon but honestly I don't know what they are yet :/

Well anyway I'll leave you a picture of my runners tan. My legs needed a break from the sun so it was a good thing I ran on the treadmill :)

Here's the full pic. Can you see the tan lines? At least most people didn't notice it till someone would say something then they would laugh haha. Oh well I wear those tan lines proud! 
Check back tomorrow for a post on the retirement ceremony :)


  1. 20 miles on the treadmill? wow. amazing.

    love the tan lines, lol!

  2. ummm...way to bust out the 20 miler on the mill in an awesome time too. That sounds so painful! And how cute do you look in that pic? Love that dress!

  3. I don't even know how you busted out 20 miles on the treadmill. I agree, I think the treadmill feels so much more difficult than just running outside. Love your tan lines! I played softball a lot growing up, and during the summer my left hand, where I wore my mit and batting glove, would stay a pastey white because it never say the sun! Talk about weird tan lines. LOL.

  4. YAY YAY YAY!!

    You know I LOVE this!!

    Way to go!!

  5. haha i just saw this! tans lines are so in!

    CONGRATS on this treadmill run- that is a LONG time to be on a treadmill, girl!

  6. I still have runners tan from last summer. WAy to rock it out!!

  7. Way to rock your 20 miles!! ON THE MILL! EMZ would be so proud of you. It is totally tougher to do it on the mill --and I agree with the your reasoning!

    May 14th is just around the corner!

  8. Nice job!
    I actually prefer the treadmill, especially for long runs!
    I get to zone out, which is always a good thing if you're running for that long!

  9. You're a machine. I don't know how you managed 20 miles on a treadmill. WOW. It probably helps that you have the garage door setup and get the breeze, can people watch etc. good for you, seriously :)

    This may become my motivation when i'm stuck on a treadmill to train and want to quit.

    I have the wonky runners tan too, I'm mulatto and once summer actually arrives I literally have strips all over my body. I don't care though I love running too much. You tan lines aren't extreme, and you look fab :)

    ~ H


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