Sunday, April 10, 2011

20 miles can be better than 13

Today was my 20 mile run which went a lot better than last weeks 13 miler!
I was fueled properly, no flirtini's on the menu this week :)

I was looking forward to running to burn off the 2 big slices of bread I had for dinner last night. Gene made some bread called Pan de los Muertos (Bread of the Dead) that was amazing! It's a dessert bread and he made his own glaze for the crust and put some powdered sugar on it... it was to die for, literally!

Before the run I had a bagel thin with some peanut butter on it.
During the run I decided to go with Power Bar Energy Blast chews. My stomach has been getting upset with gels lately. This worked out perfectly and I had no tummy issues.

The trail I ran on was flooded on parts which I knew it was going to be but I figured I'd just follow the detours and it would give me a semi new route without having to think too much into it.

Took this picture a while a go but this is one of the areas that was blocked off due to flooding
I ran the first 11 miles without music. It was early when I started so not many people where on the trail on the way out so it was nice and quite with just my thoughts, the river and the birds to listen too.
My legs started feeling fatigued around mile 16 after I walked to drink some water and take some chews. I practice walking for a few seconds while I fueled cause it's most likely what i'll do in the race itself, I always spill water on myself when I try to drink and run, even if I pinch the cup :)
My feet were tired from being on them and my ankles ached a little. One would ache then stop and the other would ache, I told myself they were taking turns. At mile 19.2 I had to pass by my car. For a second I wanted to stop and just jump in my car and go home, but I ran a little harder to finish strong cause there was no way I was quiting with less than a mile left. This is why I usually run out and backs cause I hate to pass my car but with the detours it through me off a little. It felt good to be done with my run at 10:40 am when other runners were just starting theirs!
Finished 20 miles in 3:09  9:26 pace (this included the walking breaks while I fueled)

Total mileage for the weekend was 25 miles. (ran 5 on Sat). This put me at 42 miles for the week.

I tried to stretch and foam roll when I got home but it's hard when this little guy wants all the attention
Pay attention to me!
He decided just to lay on my face while I stretched to get my attention :)

I leave you with some pics of my boys planting our first garden this weekend :)

Digging the whole to plant the strawberries
My boys planting in our first garden!

Dash decided he needed a little break


  1. Thanks for the comment Cynthia. Ha ha, I love the picture of your dog on your face. so funny. And congrats on your 20 miler!

  2. Thank you for the "Blonde Ninja" comment--that made me laugh!!! I like how you practiced your fuel strategy to make it more race like. I stop my Garmin when I fueled so maybe my time wasn't as accurate...

    You are freaking rocking! And YOU know I loveyour doggie pics. So much fun--can totally relate!

  3. yayy for an awesome 20 miler. You rock! I love your pup, so cute

  4. You are goign to rock the marathon! I'll be lucky to get in ONE 20 miler.... I'm debating dropping down to the half because pretty much every weekend after May 1st I'll be either working or in canada. Ahh!

  5. Thank you for your sweet comments Cynthia!! You make my day!

    I love the Blonde Ninja suggestion!! ha ha!

  6. I am impressed that you ran 20 miles, with a camera, at a great pace! How did those energy chews work for you? I'm trying to learn what foods to eat during my marathon in 2 weeks...

    so awesome you have a garden (or are in the process of building one). I want to hear more about that too!

    I can imagine that Seattle is easy to miss if you've moved...except for the rain, right!? It's funny, but the week I visited it was like 95 degrees the whole time, so my perception of Seattle is of a hot, cloudless city :)


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