Thursday, April 14, 2011

3 Things Thursday

Uno: Monday is my son's 10th birthday. So we are celebrating by having a sleepover party tomorrow. About five 9/10 year old boys running around the house wrestling, playing with nerf guns and video games. I'm am going to have them play minute to win it games so that should be fun!
Funny story - I took him to watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid and there's a part where the mom dances and embarrasses the kid on there, well my son told me I better not ever dance like that in front his friends. I asked him why and he said he would be embarrassed. So I posted this on Facebook and my lovely friends all said I need to dance when all his friends are over :) hahahaha *insert evil laugh*

Dos: Do you follow Emz's blog? If not YOU SHOULD. She is freaking AMAZING! Not just cause she can run 50 miles on a treadmill 5 days before the Boston Marathon, or because she loves heels, or because she is going to run for 24 hours on a treadmill, but she is amazing because she runs for a reason. Check out her blog links and follow her on Dailymile to learn more about her 24 hour treadmill run to support Sojourner Center and Victims of Domestic Violence

Tres: So my long run on Sunday is 12 miles. I'm kinda thinking about running it on the mill. One cause Emz is freaking inspirational and if she can run 50 miles I can run try to run 12 and two I don't want to have to think about where I'm running and planning out a route or worry about if the normal route I run is partially flooded. We rearranged the treadmill in the garage so that it now faces the garage door so I can open it up and feel the fresh air and people/car watch. I would also save the 20-30 minutes round trip of driving to a location to run so that means I can sleep in a little longer :) that's always a major plus. BUT the most I have ever run on the mill is 6 miles so it would take a bit more mental effort. Running outside is a lot easier for me than running on the treadmill. So I'm trying to think about it as running 6 miles twice so it doesn't seem as long.

And because I love to look at pics of my little man here's some more :)

Playing with his friends at his birthday party last year

He was excited to see the Storm Troopers at the fair last year

Mommy kisses! :)


  1. this.

    thank you so much - you are amazing woman.
    Keep being awesome and testing those limits of awesome.

  2. You must have had your hands full at the sleep over, five 10 year old boys hyper and excited running around!

    I think that's a good idea moving the treadmill so that you can look outside and get a breeze I'm like you I find the treadmill so much harder than running outside. Good luck with breaking the 6 mile record :)

    ~ Harlow

    I loved the pics of your dogs in the last post I want a dog badly, 2 actually a huge one and a tiny one. I'd want to get them as puppies and train them but i don't know where I'd find the time.


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