Monday, May 14, 2012

See Jane Run Half Marathon GIVEAWAY

Last year I ran the Boise See Jane Run Half Marathon and set my current PR of 1:53:24

I love going back and re-reading that recap. Not only was it a 10 minute PR, but it was also the first time I ran a half marathon in under 2 hours! I was so proud of myself that day. Looking back at it I remember how hard I pushed myself and how happy I was once I crossed the finish line.  So happy to get my medal that I worked hard for and of course to get my glass of champagne and chocolates!

The runners high I got from that race lasted for weeks. In fact it lead my to a 10 minute PR at Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon a week later!

There was no doubt that this race was on my list to run again this year. So when See Jane Run contacted me asking if I wanted to be their Boise race ambassador of course I said YES! 

So what does that mean for all of you?

How about a chance to win a free entry to the Boise See Jane Run Half Marathon and run it with me? Okay so you don't have to run it with me if you don't want to :)

To be entered to win you must answer the follow question....

What do you run for?

Extra entries if you Facebook, blog or tweet about it (Leave a separate comment for each)
Include @seejanerunsport and @cynthiaruns if you tweet about it.

Contest will be open till midnight on Thursday May 17th.
I will announce the winner on Friday May 18th so be sure to check back!

*See Jane Run provided me with an entry to this race as well as one to giveaway. The opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I live too far away to make running in Idaho practical, but I'll still answer the question:

    I run because I can........that wasn't always the case, as 5 years ago, I weighed in excess of 330 pounds, had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, was constantly fatigued and generally miserable. I wanted to be a good role model for my son, so I took steps (literally!) to change my life. Made some drastic lifestyle changes, had gastric bypass surgery, and started running in I'm holding steady at a solid 215 and LOVING life again. Running is, to me, a gift that keeps on giving.......allows me to maintain/improve my health and well-being, while also being a heck of a lot of fun!

    And that's what I run for.....

  2. I live in Boise. I love this town! It's beautiful.

    I run for me. I run because it is hard. Once I complete any distance of a run, I feel accomplished. I run because it's "me time". I enjoy running outside, enjoying the beauty. Running is my escape. It helps me clear my mind and temporarily pushes my stresses away. I also run for my kids - I want to show them how important exercise is and show them it's one of the many ways to keep your body healthy.

    1. Hi Kristina,

      That is a great response and is so easy to relate to! Do you mind if we share this on the See Jane Run Facebook page?

  3. Guess who is going to be in town that weekend?!

    I run because I can. I wasted so many years of my life treating my body badly and never realized how unbelievably amazing it was. More than anything, running has made me realize that I am stronger than I ever knew. And I now run so that I will never forget that. And never put myself in a position where I am unhealthy and unhappy again.

  4. I wanted share this with you. I recieved this from a former Soldier.

    "(1stSgt retired)Gene Hicks,
    Id post this on your wall post but I dont like drawing attention to myself. I just want to tell you that you and your fiance Cynthia are so motivating to not only us soldiers but it seems like its for civilians as well. I read your article on the running part and again its very motivating I just want to bust out of work and run. I thought Id tell you that I was hurt at work in 2010 with a pretty bad hernia. I wasnt able to work for 5 months including before and after the surgery. As time went on I slowly gained weight considering the only thing I could do was be a couch potatoe. Eventually I went back to work and of course being the stubborn person I am I worked to hard once again damaging my surgical area. So after that I did a bunch of office jobs since I couldnt work in a labor postion anymore. I gained weight all the way up to 245 lbs. I wasnt proud of myself needless to say and I was ashamed of what ive become. Between staring at my class A's and reading you and your fiances inspirational words I have lost nearly 50lbs in almost 5 months. The thing that motivated me the most was being able to wear my Class A's some day when I visit my sister and while there meet up with some of the Deuce whomever may be there. Just know that even though you dont know it you 2 are motivating people even if its unknown to you. You just have that type of leadership that people want to follow. I honestly dont know what to call you thats why I put the rank and name in there because I honestly respect you that much as I know others do. Thanks for reading this long message but I thought Id tell you what type of people you 2 are. Its great to be running again with my Deuce Four PT shirt."

    Babe you really are an inspiration....


  5. I run because I can't not run. I had a knee injury that put me out of running for two months and I realized just how important running is to me. It was a blessing in disguise because it helped me to slow down and realize how lucky I am. I will never take running for granted again.

  6. I started running to lose weight. Now I run because I love it. Running is my therapy, AND IT'S FREE!! (almost) Those of us who live in Boise are fortunate to have such wonderful access to the greenbelt and foothills trail right out our back doors! :D Ryan

  7. I run for you Robin!

    Love Batman

  8. I run to be part of such an awesome community of like-minded people. There is no feeling in the world like being at the starting line of a race. I'm not fast, but I love getting out there and having fun.

  9. I run because it's real. Sometimes its real hard, some times it's real fun but no matter where, how long, or how hard you run you feel alive. And no matter what you are really running.

  10. Simply stated but oh, so full of understated meaning... I run for JOY!

    1. P.S. "Joy" was my MIL's favorite word. She found JOY in the every day - in both simple & complex moments, in great & extremely difficult times. I run b/c she cannot, but I know she's with me every step of every run. She bravely fought Breast Cancer for over 40 years. Through her journey she taught many how to be strong & positive. And as I run, I reflect upon what I learned from her knowing that I will return home a better Mommy to my two lil' daughters, her granddaughters who know her as their Angel Granny.

  11. and "FB'ed" about it, too :-) loved this race in seattle last year. would love to run it in boise as well. (hoping to run halfs in all 50 states by age 50.)


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