Friday, May 18, 2012

Brave the Run!

Tomorrow I'll be running the Idaho Potato Half Marathon

It's a flat race so i'm hoping to be around the 2 hour mark. We'll see. I took 11 days off from running after the Lake Lowell Marathon. Initially cause the week got busy and I never got out the door. But then I decided it would do my left leg some good. Posterior shin splints are still bothering me :(
I went for a 4 mile run this past Thursday. Even woke up early to run before work! Yay me! They still hurt but not to bad. I'm thinking time off is what they need. After Seattle RnR Marathon I'm going to give them a little rest and not run for a few weeks. Hopefully that will do the trick and I can come back and finish the rest of the year strong.

Here's a sneak peek at my outfit for tomorrow

That's the back of the shirt.

I'm going to check out itunes for some new music and make sure my ipod is actually charged this time!

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!


  1. I'm in love with your outfit! Good luck and
    Have fun!

  2. Good luck girly!!! You are going to rock this race!!

  3. Cute outfit! I hope you had a great race!*

  4. Hope your race went AMAZING today!!

  5. flat is always good, can't way to see recap


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