Tuesday, December 20, 2011

YMCA Christmas 10k Run

Let me just say that I love running for fun, with no time in mind, with fabulous girls and dressing up!
Here is my outfit for the YMCA Christmas 10k Run this past Saturday

Santa's little helper?
I met up with Cambry and Linzi at the starting area and we took some pics. 
Love this one with Santa!

Santa loves runners
Another pre race photo.
Before the start of the race we watched the costume contest...
I'm lovin baby Jesus
Boys with nothing but a box on and Santa in his pjs I think?
Buddy the Elf even made an appearance (Penguin girls looked cute too!)
I'm kind a partial to my own glittery costume, with even my jacket decorated with snowflakes.

This was after the race so the snowflakes started falling off

Once the race started it was nice and flat for the first mile and a half or so...I knew there was a hill coming soon I just didn't expect it to last so long. Linzi, Cambry and I did a run/walk combo up the hill of death Highland Hill. Linzi said she had done some training runs on it when she was training with Team In Training for the Nike Women's Marathon. They would do their long runs on it! So I asked her a few questions about it cause I think I may do some of my own training runs on it, I have a few races next year that have some hills and I'd rather be over trained for them then under trained.

The hill actually reminded me a lot of 30th St hill in Tacoma, WA. (But Highland hill was a lot worse cause it seemed to never end) Which made me think of my running adventures there and of my BRF who was running the Santa Runs 5k at the same time with a fabulous group of bloggers all dressed up as super cute candy canes. (I ran this one last year with her, we dressed up as snowflake girls and crossed the finish line together cause it was my last race in WA before I moved to Idaho)

When we finally reached the top of the hill and then picked up some speed on the downhill. We rounded a corner and saw some people dressed up singing Christmas carols. Finally one more corner, smiled for the photographers and sprinted into the finish line.

 I didn't wear a watch for the race but we chose to go down the finishers shoot to be timed. We finished in 1:07.

After the race we got some warm soup, oranges, a cookie and chocolate milk. We found a place indoors to keep warm and enjoy our goodies...

This was such a fun race. Difficult considering the long hill but fun overall and can't wait to do this again next year.

Linzi I hope you are coming back to run this with me and Cambry next year. I know that's the whole reason you came from Georgia, had nothing to do with visiting your parents for Christmas, nope, it's so you could run with me :)


  1. Your costume looks great but it can't top baby Jesus! Those costumes are pretty extravagant!

  2. awww so cute! i love how in the spirit everyone looks at this race! and i have that shirt too :)

  3. Had so much fun running with you! We'll have to plan some more 'fun runs' soon! Maybe just a few without the long Hills! :)


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