Friday, December 16, 2011

No pressure

Tomorrow morning I'll be running a local 10k Christmas Run with these lovely ladies...

Cambry, Linzi and I at the City of Trees Marathon & Half Marathon.

What's nice about this race is I have no pressure to meet a specific time. I just plan to enjoy the run and catch up with Linzi who is visiting from Georgia and Cambry who I haven't ran with in a while.
It's also nice I have no goal time cause there's a 1.5 mile hill right at the beginning. And it's also going to be in the 20's at the start! I planned on wearing an elf themed outfit but I at this point I just want to keep warm. My bottom half will be decorated with striped socks, my capri running pants, and my red team sparkle skirt, but my top half will be warm with a few layers of clothes that include my running jacket. And of course I'll be wearing a sparkly santa hat to match my sparkle skirt :)
I'm almost thinking about not even running with my garmin watch, I might feel a little naked since I rarely run without it. We will see if I can bare to leave it at home tomorrow.

Besides running my weekend will include lots of shopping. Yes I am a procrastinator and haven't finished my xmas shopping. Hey at least my house is decorated and has been for a few weeks now :)

Do you ever run without your Garmin? I know this girl has got some awesome PR's running pretty much sans gps

Doing any fun races this weekend?

Have you finished your Christmas shopping?


  1. Haha!! Yea, I'm definitely starting to be swayed to racing w/o garmin, but it's scary as hell!!! Hope u went sans and just enjoyed an amazing run with friends!! And oh GAWD.. 20s at the start? Yea, I don't run outside below 32 :)

  2. I'm almost done with Christmas shopping, still need to count the gifts and make sure everyone has the fair amount. I also need to get something else for my husband. No holiday races planned, currently training for my first half Jan. 15th...yikes I'm scared!! Glad I found your blog. :) Jess

  3. I have finished my Christmas shopping!! Well, i need to get some gifts for co-workers, so I'm ALMOST done. :)


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