Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Heart Trail Running

This past weekend I did back to back runs on the trails.
Saturday I ran 7 miles and Sunday I ran 8.

Wore Blue to the hills

My paces were slow and I walked a lot of the uphills.
Especially on Sunday because my legs were sore from the previous day. But I loved being out there.
There is just something different about being out on the trail, overlooking Boise.
There was a section of the trail where I was all alone for a little while.

No mountain bikers or other runners in site. To know your are so close to the city yet it seems so far away at the same time. I love it.

It was also fun to get to break in my new trail shoes and get them dirty!

Pretty clean shoes, dirty fun shoes!

After Saturday's trail run we all had some lunch then walked over to Camel's Back park and tried running up the big hill.
Hill repeats anyone?
Yea we couldn't run up it but it we did make it to the top and had some fun before heading back down.

Climed to the top with my son (in purple) and my nephew. You can see Dash chasing them up the hill

Midway down Dash decided he was done and laid down in the shade and wouldn't move.

Dash resting in the shade refusing to go back down.
Literally wouldn't move for anything! I actually had to carry him down haha.

This is his happy face

After Sunday's run all I was focusing on was some one on one time with the Tiger Tail. (It is similar to The Stick). After trying it out at the Seattle Rock n Roll expo I knew I wanted one. I ordered one and it finally came in last week and I have been loving it!

I Heart Happy Muscles

I used it to work out some knots in my left calf that I didn't even really feel before until I was rolling over it with the Tiger Tail. The next day I had some major soreness but now my calf feels great! The past few months I have had some posterior shin splints in my left leg and my last few runs I haven't felt the shin splints at all! I have been so thankful for my pain free runs and it couldn't come as a better time as I am ready to start increasing my weekly mileage in preparation for my next big race. But more on that soon :) 

Can't wait to get out to the trails this weekend and enjoy some of natures beauty. 


  1. Beautiful location! It's been forever since I did back-to-back runs like that. I know they aren't easy so kudos to you!*

  2. Glad you are enjoying the trails. The Pulse running store does a Saturday run in the hills nearly every week. Lots of fun people. :D Ryan

  3. Great job on the trails! I am going to try to start to get into trail running! I'm pretty excited about it!!!

  4. I heart trail running too - usually because it's a relief from the blazing sun to run in the shade of the Forrest but it doesn't look like we run on the same types of trails! Great job doing 15 miles on consecutive days!

  5. I loved reading this post! Maybe you and I could do a little trail run/walk in August when I come visit again?! :) I truly love reading about all your runs as it makes me remember home. Oohhh and I love your new kicks!! Woo hoo!


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