Monday, February 27, 2012

Five days

That's five full days that I've taken off from running if you count today.

Shin hurt the day after my 1.2 mile run/walk last Wednesday. I've been icing, stretching and wearing my compression socks hoping that it helps. I also have been massaging the calf muscle, the doctor I work for showed me some massage techniques to help the muscle so it's not so tight.
I actually took 4 full days off from working out too. I had a whopping 6 miles total mileage last week. Sad :(

Marathon training is supposed to start tomorrow with 8 miles. Yea that's not going to happen but I am going to attempt a run tomorrow. Somewhere between 3-5 miles.

Funny thing is when you can't run is when you want to run the most. Fingers crossed for no shin pain during or after the run and then I can modify my training plan from there to ease back into some mileage.

And here's a picture that has nothing to do with running but I just thought was cute...
My dogs Dash and Lilly...

Best Friends


  1. Oh no, that stinks! I hope you have a good run tomorrow and I will cross my fingers for no pain. I miss those cute puppies!

  2. Cute picture! You're so right about wanting to run so much when you can't - always like that, isn't it?

  3. love the puppy pic! made me smile. hang in there with your injury...just do the best you can and stay positive!! good luck w/ tomorrow's run and first day of marathon training!!! kick butt!!!

  4. Bummer! I hope your shins feel better soon and you can start your marathon training. Stupid injuries! I have been living in my compression sleeves since my long run sunday.

    Love the picture of your dogs. Super cute.


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