Friday, November 11, 2011

Today we honor you.

It's Friday and I have yet to run this week. This whole time change has really been messing with me. It's so dark when I get off work I feel like it's bedtime! I either need to wake up early and run before work (since it's dark then too) or maybe try running at lunch time. Only I don't want to go back to work sweaty. Either way no excuses right!

Today I am reminded of one of the reasons I started running and continue to run. For our Soldiers. Today I remember our current heroes and those that have made the ultimate sacrafice. My miles today are dedicated to you...

Gene and I, Military Ball 2009 before he deployed to Afghanistan OEF 2009-2010


  1. A huge thank you to Gene for all he has done for our country! And hope your run went well! I know that time change has been messing with me a lot too -- and the fact that I'm now on Eastern time it's like double messed up.

  2. Thanks for the race ideas! I love the idea of teh Yukon Do It Marathon. So fun! RnR Vegas was my first marathon last (last December). I don't love Vegas or a night time marathon, but it could be fun. And yes, I ran Pocatello. I did the half in 2010 and the full this year. I LOVE Pokey. It is a great great race... the swag bag and finish line are the nicest I've had, and everything is run super well. I am a big fan! :)


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