Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bed time and training plan question

My son and our dog Lilly

When it's my son's bed time, it's Lilly's bed time too. If she isn't in his room when it's bed time he calls for her and she comes running down the stairs and jumps in his bed. That night she decided she wanted to be a doggy pillow.

Every night, before I go to bed, I always go in his room to put the covers back on him. This is what I usually see.

Sometimes she takes over all the blankets, sometimes she's laying right next to him using the other pillow, but there never goes a night when she isn't snuggled up next to him. Even on the days he sleeps over at his friends, she is laying right on his spot of the bed. We have a nice big pillow bed for her, but she prefers the bed and my son loves for her to sleep in his bed too cause she keeps him warm he says :)
It's the cutest thing ever!


I had some extra time at work so I was typing up my 12 week marathon training plan that I will start in about 2 and a half weeks. All of the long runs are scheduled for Sunday. But my marathon is on a Saturday.
Should I change the long runs to Saturday's to reflect that? Or should I leave them on Sunday's?

If I do it on Saturday I will have to run early cause that's the day we usually have stuff planned and then Sunday would be a rest or cross training day. I will also have to move all runs up a day on the training plan.

If I run it on Sunday, I don't have to wake up and run to early since that day we don't usually do to much but relax or I go visit my family that lives about 30 min away. So I could run in the am then relax the rest of the day. And all I would need to switch on the schedule would probably be the last week or two to reflect the Saturday marathon.

So what would you do? I'm kind of leaning towards Sunday long runs but I just can't make up my mind.


  1. I would leave your long runs on Sunday if that is what will work best for you.

    Love the pictures of your son and the dog. :)

  2. Do whatever works best for your schedule. I've always done long runs on Saturday. At first it was just because that's when my running group scheduled them. Now it's just a habit. It really doesn't make a difference what day the event you'll be doing is. The week or two before, you'll be tapering down, so a day more or less between longer runs isn't going to affect performance.

    There's really no law that says you MUST stick to either Sat or Sun during your training, either. If you find that here and there your regular day doesn't work out for some reason, you can always change it. Training schedules can be adapted. They're guidelines, not must-do-or-else directives.

  3. I think you should stick with Sundays and then the week or two before switch to Saturday's if you want. But trying to cram it in on Saturday mornings sounds difficult :) I miss that Lilly girl, she is so funny with her blankies.

  4. Post your plan!

    I would keep the long runs on Sundays. I don't think it's a big deal because it's just one day difference.

    The doggy / son pics are adorable!

  5. The pics of your son and the dog are adorable!! I love it!

  6. I think you could do your long runs on Sunday and it wouldn't matter! Good luck training! Which race are you doing??

    1. Thank you! I will be running a local small marathon - The Lake Lowell Marathon

  7. Hey! I just clicked through to your blog from Army Amy and saw your Wear Blue Run to Remember badge. Do you/did you run with the Wear Blue group?? I ran with them when I was out in Washington. I'm not there now, but I will be going back there when my hubby gets back from deployment..

  8. The most important part about the long-run is the timing and spacing...timing=that it's around the same time-ish that your marathon will be, and spacing=the LR's are about a week apart. The final week of Marathon training you won't do a LR, so it won't matter if you've been doing them Sunday or Saturday...and if your more willing & able to run long on a Sunday, than I'd say keep it to Sundays!! good luck with your upcoming training plan!! which marathon are you running?

    1. Thanks so much! I think I will stick them on Sunday and just tweek my schedule if need be.

      I will be running a local marathon called the Lake Lowell Marathon

  9. I agree with everyone above, keeping your long runs in Sunday should be no big deal. Good luck with your training!*

  10. Normally, I would say do your long runs on the same day of the week, as your race...but since you don't have a lot planned on Sundays...I would say keep it the way it is. Good luck!


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