Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year!

I know it's been months since I've blogged and since I've even read some of my favorite blogs, I need to play catch up! Life threw me a few curve balls last year and the desire to blog just wasn't there anymore.
 Although I was still working on my fitness and health, running took a back seat and since this was originally a running blog I just didn't feel inspired to blog. But I'm ready to start fresh and hopefully with that start blogging more.
I have a few races I want to run this year, Seattle Rock & Roll Marathon being the main one because of the meaning that race has for me, but running isn't the only thing I want to focus on this year. So with that, I've been thinking about changing the blog around a little and possibly changing the name as well. I'll have to think about it though.

Until then, I look forward to catching up on all my favorite blogs. I love reading all the posts about 2013 goals or a look back at 2012 so if you have one please link it in the comments so I can check it out!

 A collage of the last few weeks.


Monday, September 17, 2012

Hello muscles?!

It's been 4 weeks now since we started the fitness challenge at work on August 20th and we had our final weigh in and measurements taken last Friday. 
So what were my results?

Although my goal in this isn't to focus on a number on the scale, I did lose 4 pounds.
I haven't got my body fat percentages taken (but I really need to!) so here are the measurements we did take:

Hips – 36”
Hips – 36.5”
Waist – 29”
Waist – 27”
Bust – 34.5”
Bust – 35.25”
Neck – 12.5”
Neck – 11.5”
Bicep – 9.25”
Bicep – 9.5”
Thigh – 19”
Thigh – 18”

I am really happy that my hard work is showing in the measurements! 2 inches off my waist and gaining a quarter inch on my biceps! Hello muscles!!

So how did I get my results?
Simple answer is clean eating, drinking lots of water and lifting heavy!

The first week I really focused on eating very clean but no working out. I also reduced the amounts of carbs and sugar in my diet.
Week 2 I incorporated healthy carbs back into my diet and focused on getting more protein and healthy fats. I also started working out, running and weights 
Weeks 3-4 eating clean and adding more workouts.

Lots of lean and green meals and always eating a healthy breakfast and 6 small meals or 3 meals with snacks was key. I will say that my diet wasn't perfect the 4 weeks, especially the last 2 weeks. I had weaknesses but the key was that I didn't over indulge. There was one night where we had some delicious pasta for dinner, I went back for a second bowl and after a bite realized I didn't need it and was full. I was proud of myself for not eating that second plate. Sugar has also been one of my weaknesses. I didn't have any candy for the first 2 weeks and even after that if I had anything I tried to make it a small bowl of ice cream or a small piece of candy and that has seemed to curb the sweet tooth.

As for workouts, I reduced the amount of running I have been doing. I have been focusing more on short runs or interval running. And I have been lifting weights 2-3 times a week at least.

Although I LOVE running long distances, I know it isn't going to help me reach my fitness goals right now. Incorporating interval running and lifting HEAVY is what is going to help build more muscle and turn burn more fat!

I have been going to the gym in the morning before work with Gene and he has really pushed me to start lifting heavy and getting out of my comfort zone. If I pick up the 10 pound dumbbell and start doing reps very easily, he gives me the 25 pound dumbbell and makes me work harder.

My new motto!
I've also been getting my workout motivations from Jess over at Blonde Ponytail. I tried her GNC Summer Series ab workout last week and not only was I sweating during the workout but my abs were sore for a few days after. I loved it!

Another motivational site I visit almost everyday is One Body Fitness on Facebook. This site was started up by a friend I went to high school with and haven't seen since college but she has completely "transformed her body, mind and approach to life". Please go like her page and check out her before and after pictures. She is a huge motivation of mine and always posts great workouts and recipes!

Even though our 4 week challenge at work is over, I still plan to continue my healthy living fitness journey. I'll try and post my results on here but mostly just plan on taking my measurements every 4 weeks.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Remembering CPT John Hallett

Three years ago yesterday (August 25th) marked the day that CPT John Hallett was killed in Afghanistan by an IED. Also in his Stryker who lost their lives that day were SPC Dennis Williams, SFC Ronald Sawyer & CPT Cory Jenkins.
LT Kim (left) 1SG Gene Hicks (center) & CPT John Hallett (right)
Yesterday I ran 5 miles to honor and remember CPT Hallett, SPC Williams, SFC Sawyer & CPT Jenkins.
CPT Hallett, first row, 4th one from the left sitting next to Gene and SPC Williams, first row, last one on the right.  
I only met John a handful of times so I have few memories, but he was not only Gene's Company Commander but his friend. So John's name is spoke of often in our home and I love it when he shares stories of him.
I have talked often about CPT Hallett and his amazing wife Lisa Hallett on my blog, who started where Blue Run to Remember, but today I want to share with you a letter Gene wrote home to me a few weeks after CPT Hallett's death. Gene felt comfortable enough to share this letter on his blog so you can go HERE and read it if you would like. I hadn't read the letter in probably 3 years so it brought back all the feelings, emotions and tears from that difficult year of deployment.
John you are always in our hearts, thoughts & prayers.

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